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Chakra Course

Through the journey of the chakras, your life will become more vibrant, rich, and free. This course, led by Jasmine Tarkeshi, integrates the union of body, mind, and spirit while incorporating asana, pranayama, mudras, mantras, and meditation to dive deep into the chakras from root to crown. We explore tips and techniques to weave these colorful practices into our daily lives. For optimal investigation, we suggest that you explore one chakra per week. Let's dive in.

Season 1


Sara S
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Thanks for this course! I am really interested in diving into this 
Jackie H
Sorry I mean Jasmine
Vijaya S
Hi i want to go on  on this course. when im trying to do, its not working. why.?
Kira Sloane
Hi vijaya! Maybe you have already figured this out. You will find the course here:
You will see the sign up button. Let us know if you still have trouble. Thanks!

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