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Season 1 - Episode 7

Calm Down

60 min - Practice


Our unwillingness to let go of anger is often the result of being afraid of letting go of our power. Sonia shares a practice in which we can touch our real power through mastery of the mind through the body. She guides us through supine postures, self massage, and breathing techniques before a short flow designed to cool the fire in our bellies. This taste of something bigger allows us to drop into the ease we seek.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sharon H
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heartfelt and therapeutic. someday would love to hear your ocean in the background of one of your beautiful presentations.
Sònia Isart
Thanks Sharon, i agree nature and the pcean pf cpurse is healing in itself. I have been practicing a lot in the nature for the past 2 years and loving it. Thanks for sharing!
I cannot see this video :(
Sarah Beston
(Edited by Moderator - Alex Parsons on April 1, 2022)
ZA, Thank you for your comment. We just double checked the video and it seems to working OK. Please email us: if you continue to have issues and we can troubleshoot with you. All the best!
Bhakti Foster
Sonia, you are precious!
Sònia Isart
now i have one more reason to come back to the west coast, meeting you yogini sister and chanting along! thanks for sharing!
Bhakti Foster
Yes please come to my studio, chant and teach!
Kirsti A
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thank you Sonia, love this transformational practice, especially the Janu - works so well when taught like this! peace!
Victoria B
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Calm down practice so helpful, such great techniques to learn, thank-you for sharing and teaching, I will return to this practice many times 
Sònia Isart
Thanks for practicing with me Victoria , your feedbacl is great inspiration and motivation. xox
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