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Season 1 - Episode 8

Self Thai Massage

35 min - Practice


Learn to work with gravity. Sonia generously shares a practice incorporating yoga and Thai massage techniques. She guides us from the soles of the feet all the way to the palms of the hands. This self care practice is designed to release tension and blockages, promoting increased circulation, energy, and freedom in the body.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Your videos bring me great comfort in my "creaky" age-great to not have to use a lot of muscle strength to bring some ease to body. Thanks!
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Gracias Sonia! Me encanta esta sequencia en la que te puedes cuidar a ti misma. También me inspira para mis clases.
Vives en California o también en España ? Me gustaría mucho conocerte algún día pues voy bastante frecuentemente a Begur y también soy amiga de Kira.
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Wow, I enjoyed the principles as demonstrated. I particular liked how thoroughly I could do hands and forearms. Thanks!
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What a delicious evening practice for me! Perfect for the end of a long workweek. Thank you! I will be coming back again and again!
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Nice practice to complement yoga and for self-healing. I did have to pause a number of times as the time offered for each side in many of the stretches was not even. Otherwise, very nice!
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This was my first experience with thai yoga massage or self massage. I need to add this more into my yoga practice. A lot of times I recognized that i used more my muscles then the gravity. I have to focus more on this. Thank you for your introduction.
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I just stumbled onto you here and I'm so excited about finding you. These days. I live outside of town and so instead of taking classes with others (which I used to love but now live too far away to do), I now practice online with YogaAnytime.... and I'm also starting (for the first time in oh, over 20 years) to "play" with movement on my own... and it's so... eye opening and fun. in the last few years I've really found myself migrating away from the more "structured" and classical forms of yoga (ashtanga, iyengar, etc. ) – they are there of course, a foundation in my body, but I was feeling stagnant in those classical forms.
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Part II (or earlier comment). Lately, I'm embracing the practices here with teachers who are working more intuitively, feeling their way through ways to move. I'm also learning to listen to my own creativity (my own "authority") to explore how my body wants to move. I love to dance and this all feels like an extension of that a more creative and exploratory way to joy and revelation, not rigid and rote. I found myself crying... during the two practices I've done "here" with you so far... Because I feel like I've found something I've been looking for (without knowing it) for so long! I'm so glad you are here, doing your thing, being you. Thanks so much.
Hi Elissa, my heart softens when I read your words. So happy we both are in the intuitive playfulness with the practice, together. I hope this practices take you to interesting places, where you'll find yourself being your own teacher. thank you very very much.

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