Active Recovery Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Day 2: Neck and Shoulders

35 min - Practice


Today we explore a practice that promotes mobility and relief in the neck and shoulders. You will feel a sweet release and rehydration of the tissues.
What You'll Need: Wooden Dowel, Tennis Ball, Blanket


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This was quite juicy...I love the flow practice interspersed with the seated and supine work...this really keeps the circulation flowing! 🍊🍊🍊
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I am having problems watching these videos.  On both of them they stop constantly.  Other videos on this site are fine.    I can't  get through the entire session, and I so want to do all of these.   Thanks for any help you can offer🦋🌾
Joan! We are so grateful for your feedback and bummed this is happening for you. I am forwarding your experience onto Ashley so she can troubleshoot.xok
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Thank you Kira, I finally got through the video, but it took a long time.  However I love the release in my shoulders and neck, and love using the tennis ball on pressure points.🏵🌾🌸
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Hi Joan, I reached out in a private message about your video issue! Do let me know if this still happening, and we'll do our best to sort everything out. Warmly, Ashley
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I tried massaging the occipitalis with the dowel, and then went to two toted sponge balls, which feels much better for me. Not crazy about using something so hard. I know I can cushion it... but I like the "give" that the balls provide. Guess I'm used to them! Loved the initial exercises for releasing the shoulders. Thank you!!
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I'm loving these practices!  My calves feel so much longer in my downward dog after doing day 1.  I also like the idea of the dowel for the occipitals because it is something I could take with me when I travel.  I occasionally use the back of my kitchen chair for a similar release but no so portable.  :)  I'm actually using a wooden paddle since I didn't have a dowel.  I will definitely recommend these practices!!
Hi Heidi! 
So happy that you are doing these with me and that you can find ways to take them on the road. I found really creative ways to practice and get release and relief while on a year long climbing road trip with my kiddos! Stay in touch. 
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Oh. I love this one. So delish after a long work day painting and crafting and doing calligraphy. I will return to this again and again. It's a favorite. 
Elissa sounds so balancing for after a long day enjoying your crafts! Thanks for the sweet feedback and so glad his provides you support! 
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