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Season 2 - Episode 2

Moving In Love

30 min - Practice


Allow love to inspire and align you from the inside out. Julia guides us in an opening meditation, inviting us to connect with anything that inspires a sense of love. In this dynamic vinyasa flow, we breathe, align, and awaken that feeling of love in the body. This practice results in a spacious, peaceful, and expansive heart.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi Julia,

Really enjoyed this relaxing practice. I'm going to keep these techniques in mind when I find myself in difficult situations (like holding a plank pose among other things).

For me, I needed a couple of blocks... first during the hamstring stretch so that I could get both legs straight (I had to raise the floor) and then in the twist I put a block under my knees which can't quite make it to the floor while keeping my opposite shoulder on the earth. So this is really just a note for those who may have limited flexibility that it could be good to have some blocks near by.
Thanks for the added tips Ted... that is absolutely right!
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I find in almost every yoga practice I do I'm reaching for some props at some point.
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I loved this. So wonderful for early evening!
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Julia I always smile when I see you. You have such a wonderful smile and energy. Thank you for spreading it!
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Beautiful practise. I love your words. Let’s all go well towards the light.
Oh I can't remember saying that so thank you for reflecting those back to me right now Simon !! Nice invitation for moving into 2018. May it be so for you. Blessings.
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Thank you for this kind beautiful loving flow 🙏🏼❤️ 
Sharon Thanks for joining

What a Gift to be with you!

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