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Season 2 - Episode 4

Clear Communication

15 min - Practice


Aimee guides us in a meditation for clear communication. We open our communication centers so that we can speak clearly and listen kindly.

Please see attached mantra sheets to practice along with Aimee. In this practice, we work with the mantra: Sat Nam.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome. This meditation is for clear communication, really opening up your communication center so that you can speak clearly and kindly what your intentions are to self, to others, as well as allowing yourself to openly listen to the other side of communication too, not just speaking, but also taking in the information. And so let's first begin with our palms facing upwards at our knees as we're seated here in cross-legged, also known as easy pose. Just relax your shoulders, gently, slowly close your eyes, and take this moment in. You've arrived, you're here, sitting with yourself, sitting with me, taking the time to take care of self.

Embrace it, allow the sounds to come in and out, and allow the only sound to come through be of your breath, listen. And now together let's inhale long and deeply, and with this exhalation, release any sound you'd like to open up your communication center. Let's do this two more times, inhale long and deeply into your throat, into your lungs, and allow out any sound as you exhale. Last one, inhale long and deeply into any blocks or barriers of communication that you're aware of. Breathe in a little bit more into the ones you're unaware of, and release.

Begin to rub your palms together, keep your eyes closed, focusing at your third eye point right between your brows, raise just slightly, and then bring your hands together and pray at your heart center. Bring back home into your hearts, centered, balanced, shoulders relaxed, heart is lifted, chin is tucked in slightly parallel to the earth. We'll tune in with Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo, calling in the wise one within us, the truth, the knowledge, the teacher, the guru within, as well as the wise ones who've existed before us. We'll chant that three times, Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo, and then we'll chant, Aag Gurunameh, Jugaar Gurunameh, Sak Gurunameh, Sri Gurudevanameh, three times as well. Call in that wisdom for protection in love and light.

Let's inhale to tune in together, Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo. Aung Namo, Aung Namo, Aung Gurudevanameh, three times as well, Jugaar Gurunameh, Sak Gurunameh, Aung Namo, Aung Gurudevanameh, three times as well, Jugaar Gurunameh, Sak Gurunameh, Sri Gurudevanameh, Aung Namo, Jugaar Gurunameh, Sak Gurunameh, Sri Gurudevanameh, Aung Namo, Aung Namo, Jugaar Gurunameh, Sak Gurunameh, Sri Gurudevanameh. Inhale, suspend your breath holds, listen to the vibration of the mantras from you out into the world, out into the universe. And exhale, Sat Naam, and gently, slowly open your eyes, relax your arms. Although this is a meditation video, it's really important for you to also tune in to your body.

And so we're not just going to drop into the meditation, we really want to warm up our body, work out any body blocks before we go into the meditation. And so we're going to do a warm up, it's just easily a spinal flex. So you're going to place your hands onto your knees, stay seated here, if you'd like to switch up your legs, feel free to do that if one is going numb and falling asleep, go ahead and stretch those legs out. Hands onto your knees and you're just going to bring your chest and your belly forward as you bring your shoulders back. Listen, inhale, flexing forward, exhale, rounding your back, inhale, exhale, inhale, flex forward, exhale, round your back, keep your chin parallel to the earth.

Once you have the movements, go ahead and close your eyes, focus inwards and upwards into your third eye and just allow yourself to feel your body. I swear there's creaks, joints maybe cracking, parts of your spine maybe as well. Feel that you're just loosening up your body, loosening up this body that in itself is a medium of communication, not just your voice, not just your throat, not just your ears, but your entire body, calling in ability to be flexible in our communication and how we communicate. Good, speed it up here. Allow yourself to create heats, moving a little bit more quickly than you were before, whatever that feels like for you.

Good, a little faster in these last moments. Inhale into the center, roll your shoulders up to your ears and as you exhale, roll them back in down. Let's do that two more times, inhale, shoulders up to your ears, purposely create tension, gather up any communicative tension, stresses, pressures, exhale, roll them down and out. One more time, inhale up, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, tighten, tighten everything and exhale. Long slip upwards, eyes still closed, focus inwards, just be for a moment, connect to your throat, connect to your lungs, connect to your body, just be, experience you.

And inhale, exhale, and now we'll begin the meditation. And so this meditation is two parts, both of them do also have some physical movements. The second part also has a mantra and that mantra is Sat Naam, Sat, S-A-T means truth and Naam, N-A-M means name, essence, identity. So when we chant Sat Naam, we're saying truth is my name, truth is my essence, truth is my identity, this is who I am and my truth and I'm exclaiming that, I'm sharing that, I'm putting that out into the universe, you hear it, you recognize it. So often when we say Sat Naam to one another, we say it back, we're saying the truth in me recognizes the truth within you.

So as you're chanting this mantra in the second part of the meditation, I really want you to do so like exclaiming, like here I am, this is me, this is my truth so clearly. And so let's begin. First, let's open up this channel. So you're going to bring your thumb to your mercury mound, which means that you're placing your thumb in the little fleshy part right below your pinky fingers. A pinky finger is known to be the mercury finger.

Mercury is a planet that rules communication. So we're calling in the energy of communication to bless us with openness, with clarity. So your other four fingers are stuck together, straight up to the sky, your thumb is pushing into that mercury mound, your arms are bent, palms are facing outwards towards me and the movement is this, it's like a 12 inch diameter of a circle and the circles are going outwards. And so the right hand is going out to the right, the left hand is going out to the left and then back around. So this is the movement.

Join me here. And once you're in that movement, close your eyes, focus at your third eye points and breathe long and deeply. Let's begin. Visualize your hands are just clearing, cleansing your throat center, the lines, the avenues, the channels, the pathways of communication in your throats, in your ears, in your face, in your body, in your hands. Visualize or see any communication breakdowns you've been experiencing, any miscommunications being released, just clearing, cleansing with ease.

Allow it to be so, allow it to be possible that this movement and your breath could actually clear out your communication center, any blocks, any barriers that are keeping you from speaking your truth, sharing your voice. I bet you're feeling some of those barriers in your arms right now. Continue to breathe long and deeply, keep up with the movement. Trust that you'll come through. Good.

And inhale long and deeply wherever you are. And exhale, raise your arms up to the sky, spread your fingers wide. Clear open communication channel, that is you, eyes still close, focus at your third eye points. And now we're going to begin chanting long Sat Naams, four of them. It'll be about 15 seconds for each Sat Naam.

Truth is your name, truth is your essence, your identity. All that you know to be, all that you're ready to create. This is you. Here you are, exclaim it out to the universe. Allow your voice to be heard right now.

Inhale. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam. Sat Naam.

Inhale long and deeply, hold, reach up, up, up, up, up. Feel yourself so clear, so open, listen to this clarity, this silence within you. Clear communication channel. And exhale, relax your arms, spread them through your auric field, clearing the pathway all around you, palms facing upwards at your knees. Just be in this moment of stillness and silence, eyes still closed.

In this moment of clarity, feel free to ask yourself any question that you'd like to receive clarity on. And allow the answer to come through you as easily as you breathe, listen. Keep that wisdom with you and bring your hands together and pray at your heart center. Take this moment to notice any shifts and we'll close seeing long time sun together. May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Just chant one long Sat Naam to close together. Sat Naam. Sat Naam.


Debra D
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Thank you Aimee. This is a powerful meditation. On my last sat nam a sob leaped from my throat. I guess something shifted in there! And now I sense energy. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely something. ✨⚡️🌬

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