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Season 1 - Episode 5

SOS: Feel Grounded

1 min - Practice


This short SOS practice is designed for anytime you need to feel more grounded and at peace.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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This practice is for any time you need to feel more grounded. We'll imagine ourselves a sand timer and hourglass. On each exhale, drain our weight. Beginning at the crown of the head, as you exhale, allow your heaviness to drain from your head, neck and shoulders, down to your chest. On your next exhale from your chest, let all the heaviness drain into your pelvis.

Use one more long exhale to let the sand, the weight in you drain down your legs, into your feet, land on the ground. Allowing your breath to fill your clear upper hourglass. Allowing the exhale to drain you down into the ground. May you feel more grounded and at ease. Namaste.


Bridgid M
2 people like this.
The hourglass imagery is priceless! 
Karen W
Thank you for this - it's so relaxing!
Karen W I'm glad that the practice is relaxing for you! I hope you can return to it for three breaths out in your day - anytime, anywhere. 
Astrid P
Wow! I love this ❤️

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