Welcome to Ashtanga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 10

Finishing Ashtanga Postures

25 min - Practice


The ending is just as important as the beginning. Dylan guides us in a practice that includes the finishing inversions and final seated asanas of the primary Ashtanga series.
What You'll Need: Mat


Thank you so much for this class.  It's so refreshing to have such beautiful guidance and focus on the finishing asanas.  To me the finishing through to the Savasana is the most powerful part of the practice and isn't emphasised enough in many Western classes.  I shall look forward to following your other teachings :).  
Katherine S I totally agree that Savasana is a great resource available to us all -- and yet somehow often overlooked! Really hope that you enjoy the other Yoga Anytime offerings and please do be in touch with any questions or feedback! Deep bow! Dylan 

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