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Dylan welcomes us to Season 2 of Welcome to Ashtanga where he guides us in traditional practices to help deepen our experience of the primary series. This season we explore a seated sequence, twists, inversions, hip openers, finishing postures, and both a half and full led primary series in sanskrit. You will feel a sense of steadiness and delight.
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Sep 19, 2019
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Welcome to our Stanga Season 2 on Yoga Anytime, offering traditional genuine practices for anyone willing to participate in a mindful learning experience. Together, we'll deepen our experiences in the primary series, focusing on the seated sequence, twists, inversions, hip openers, and all the finishing postures. Our season culminates in both a half and full lead primary in Sanskrit. May this season serve to inspire your steady and consistent our Stanga practice, and may you continue to find delight and new interests on the path. Blessings.


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