Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 2

Standing Free

30 min - Practice


Stand in your power and freedom, and get your groove back. In this fluid practice, Emily guides us through a series of standing balancing postures, twists, and heart openers. You will feel powerful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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So happy to see you back on Yoga Anytime Emily 🙌 it felt great to be up on my feet, stretching and twisting while gazing at the gorgeous fall day outside my window! Your bubbly personality makes this a bright shiny way to start the weekend 🍂🍁🌞
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That was very nice classs feel energised
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Jenny It's good to be back!!!! I am so glad you are practicing with me and the Yoga Anytime family!!! More new videos soon!!! 
Peter So good to hear! I am so glad you're here practicing with me! OM!
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Just what I needed this morning. Thank you! Namaste
Samira You're so welcome!!! I am so excited to share these new practices with you!

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