Yoga Groove Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 9

Soul Groove Flow

35 min - Practice


Let your heart lead the way. Emily guides us in an intuitive flow to invite a fresh sense of energy and ease into the body and heart. You will feel replenished.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Welcome to your practice. In this practice we're going to let our heart lead the way. So let's begin standing at the top of the mat. You'll bring your feet together, a little space between the heels, nice and steady in the legs. And you'll release your arms down. So take a standing crescent. Inhale, reach the arms up. Left hand will grab right wrist if you like, Janamudra, thumb and index finger, touch. Inhale, lifting up and then lean towards the left. Find your breath. Space in the sides of the heart. Inhale, come to center. Switching wrists, right hand, left wrist, Janamudra. Inhale, reach. Exhale, lean. Strong in the legs, keeping the right ribs moving forward. Inhale, releasing up and then exhale, fold in forward fold. Uttanasana, engage towards your shins. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bend your knees, plant your hands, plank pose. Inhale, take a deep breath. Exhale, chaturanga. Inhale, upward facing dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. Beautiful. And then on your next inhale, you'll come onto your knees and set up on all fours. So from all fours, really find a sense of alignment with the hands. So wrist creases are parallel, spreading through the fingers. You'll keep your right knee down. You'll keep the right toes tucked under and then reach the left leg back onto the mat. So you'll walk the toes towards the right edge of your mat. You might even off road and you'll look past your right shoulder towards your left foot, stretching through the left side of the waist. And then gazing down when you're ready, walk the left foot to meet in the same line as the right. You can reset the right hand and ground into the left foot completely. So modified side plank. And as you inhale, you'll bring the left arm up. Couple of breaths, nice and strong in the bottom arm. Spacious heart. Keep breathing. Gently releasing the arm to the floor, both knees to the mat. Let's take a cat cow. Tuck the toes. Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale.

Keep the tailbone. One more. Inhale, heart lifts, tailbone lifts to the sky. Exhale, drop the tailbone towards the earth, round it out. Beautiful. And then inhale to neutral. This time the left knee stays steady, the left toes tucked. Inhale, reach your right leg back and then take your foot for a walk. You'll off road, look past your left shoulder towards your right foot, stretching to the side of the waist. Steady in the breath. Then you can gaze down from here, walk the foot back in, reset the left hand if you feel you need to, and then seal the right foot down completely. The left toes tucked under are your support. And then inhale, reach the right arm up. Big breath here, long through that upper hand. And then exhale, gaze down, hand down, knees down, tuck toes. Cow tilt on the breath in. Exhale, downward facing dog. You can reset your feet. Inhale, take your right leg high. Exhale, step your right foot forward between your hands. Low lunge, back knee to the mat, untuck your toes. Inhale, lift up through the heart. Take a deep breath. So follow your intuition here and how deep you go, how it expresses through you. Inhale. As you exhale, come onto your back knee, hands to heart center. We'll take a twist together. Inhale, lift through the heart. Exhale, twist to the right. You'll take your left elbow towards your right thigh and then sink in to your degree. Again, using your intuition, letting that intuitive heart lead the way. One more breath here. And then gently release to frame your right foot with both hands. Take a deep long inhale, get long, half Hanuman. So tuck the back toes, come onto your back knee and straighten the right leg to your degree. You might slide the front heel forward, three pulses. Half lift on the inhale. Exhale, hold in. Two more like that. Inhale. Exhale. One more. Inhale. Exhale. Beautiful. Inhale, walk forward to your lunge position. Plant your hands, tuck your back toes, lift your back knee. Plank pose, please, on your inhale. So side plank modification. Right hand, raise your edge of right foot. This time the left knee, the top knee will bend foot to the mat and then you'll reach your arm up. And you can push into that left foot to feel the connection.

Couple of breaths. And then gazing down, arm releases down, spin onto the ball of the foot. Plank pose, inhale, Chaturanga. Exhale, Vinyasa. Inhale, upward facing dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. And from here, inhale, float the left leg up, step it through, low lunge. Back knee to the mat. Untuck your toes. Inhale, arms sweep to the sky. So there's that sense of, you know, letting the heart guide us through the pose. So use your intuition once again. See how it wants to express itself here. Back foot is the anchor. Take an inhale. Hands to heart. Exhale, come onto your back knee. Lift up through the heart. Inhale, twist. Exhale, right elbow, left thigh, sinking in to your degree. Couple of breaths. You can gaze towards your big toe. You can look past your elbow. Stay connected. On the next breath in, spinal length from the tailbone to the crown. Exhale, release both hands to frame the left foot. Sink your hips. Get long. Inhale. Half Hanuman. Come onto your back knee. Dorsa flex. Left ankle. And again, adjust that heel if you need to. Three pulses. Halfway lift inhale. Exhale, fold. Couple more. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, fold. One more. Inhale, half lift position. Exhale, fold it in. Inhale, walk it forward. Here we go. Plant the hands, tuck the back toes, lift the back knee. Plank pose. Inhale, nice and strong. Left hand, raise your edge left foot. Bend left right knee, right foot to the mat. Toes point towards the right edge of your mat. Inhale, right arm reaches up. Pushing into that standing leg. Take a breath. Nice and strong. Exhale, hand goes to the mat. Turn on to the ball of the foot. Downward facing dog. Walk out your dog. And then on your next inhale, lift your heels, look forward. Bend your knees. Two lunging steps forward. So the right foot lunges forward. The left leg lunges forward. Halfway lift, inhale. Exhale, fold it in. And then let's come to standing. Inhale, reverse swan dive all the way up. Arms reach to the sky. Exhale, hands to the heart. Samasthiti. And from here, you'll take your hands to your hips. We're going to take a dancer prep. So we'll bend the left knee, call this easy dancer. You'll catch the left foot. If you can take the foot towards the hip, great.

Maybe the knees touch. You can stay here. You can actually offer the right hand to find the left foot as well. See how that feels. Heart is nice and spacious. Option is you can find a little kick back into that foot. If that feels good in the front of the heart. And gently releasing. Let's do second side. If you need to dance it out for a moment, dance it out. Left foot stays nice and steady. Left hand to hip. Right hand will reach back as you lift the right foot and catch the foot. A little quad stretch. Again, knees can come together. Option is to offer the left hand to meet the right. Holding both hands on the foot. And if it feels intuitive, you can find a little bit of a baby bow. And gently release. Beautiful. Big toes touch. Let's take our vinyasa. Arms reach up and out. Exhale, fold it in. Gazing towards shins. Inhale, halfway lift. Plant your hands. Exhale. Step back to plank. Inhale, plank. Nice and clear. Chaturanga. Exhale, lower slow. Inhale, upward facing dog. Exhale, downward facing dog. So adding on to our sequence from before. You'll inhale, sweep the right leg up. Exhale, step through, low lunge. And tuck toes. Inhale, low lunge. Anjani asana. Lifting up through the heart. Curl back. Exhale, twisting into your lunge. Hands in prayer. Elbow to thigh. Sinking in. Inhale, create more space. Exhale, twist in. So we're here for that extra breath. Hands frame the right foot. Inhale to lengthen. Come on to your back knee. Exhale, half hanuman. Beautiful. Inhale, walk it forward. So in this next pose, it's called parsvavashisthasana. So instead of having the foot in the front of the leg, we'll have the foot behind the leg. So go ahead, step back to plank. Come to the outer edge of the right hand and the right foot. You can still keep that left foot forward, but the option here now is to have the foot behind you and you're on the ball of the foot and then you're reaching that left arm up and then you can push into the ball of the foot. Maybe gaze up. Big breath in. Exhale, look down. Hands down, toes down.

Plank pose, breath in. Chaturanga. Exhale, wash it through. Inhale, grow the power of the heart. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Use your breath. Inhale, left leg sweeps. Exhale, step through, low lunge. Back knee to the mat and tuck toes. Inhale, anjana asana. Curl back through the heart. Trust the back leg. Notice where you feel constricted or tense. Exhale, come right into your twist. Hands to prayer, sinking hips. Extra breath here. Spinal length, maybe looking past the shoulder. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, take your hands to the mat. Inhale to lengthen. Half hanuman. Come onto your back knee and fold. Inhale, walk forward. Exhale, hands plant. Step back. Plank pose. Inhale. Left hand, outer edge of left foot. Again, the sole of the right foot can be in front of the leg. Otherwise we're on the ball of the right foot. Knee points up, right arm up. And then you can push into that bottom arm, looking toward upper hand. Take an inhale. Exhale, looking down. Plank pose. Breath in. Let's just go for it. Chaturanga. Exhale. You got it. Heart leads away. Inhale. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Inhale to spread through the fingers. Exhale, anchoring heels towards the floor. So one breath per movement. We'll explore that sequence one more time. Inhale, sweeping right leg up. Exhale, step your foot through. Untuck your toes. Inhale, low lunge. Exhale, twisting it up. Inhale, hands to the mat.

Inhale, half Hanuman. Inhale, walk forward. Exhale, tuck toes, lift up back knee. Inhale, plank. Exhale, right hand, right foot. Ball of left foot. Parsvavasastasana. Inhale, lifting up, looking towards upper hand. Exhale, hand to the floor. Plank pose. Inhale, Chaturanga. Exhale. Inhale, up dog. Exhale, down dog. Second side. Trust your breath. Inhale, left leg sweeps. Exhale, step it through. You got this. Untuck toes. Inhale, low lunge. Curl back through the heart. Exhale, hands to prayer. Twisting it up. Trust your breath. Inhale, hands release. Exhale, half Hanuman. Full. Inhale, walk forward. Exhale, hands plant. Tuck toes, lift knee. Inhale, plank pose. Left hand, outer edge, left foot. Again, ball of left foot down. Right arm up. Ball of right foot down. Inhale, reaching. You got it. Looking down. Hands down. Toes down. Vinyasa. Exhale, Chaturanga. Inhale, up dog. Exhale. Downward facing dog. Knees to the mat. Child's pose. Knees apart. Feet together. Reaching arms out in front of you. Forehead to the mat. And dropping into your breath. You can relax the arms if that feels good. And breathe through the back of the heart. On your next inhale, taking the breath in the back of the heart. As you exhale, allow the hips to sink towards the earth. On your next inhale, walk your way up. And we'll bring the shins together. So for this version of child's pose, if you can, you'll have your shins together. We're going to curl back in to child's pose. Forehead down. And then we're going to take an interlace behind the back. And so when you're ready, you'll fold in. Forehead towards the mat. You can stay here, arms by sides. Or you'll interlace the hands behind your low back.

Nice soft grip. And then maybe you reach the arms up and over towards the sky. Couple of breaths. Spaciousness in the front of the heart. You can drop the chin towards the throat a bit more if that feels good. And then gently bending elbows, releasing hands. And slowly releasing the hands to your mat as you push your way to sit on your heels. So we're going to grab our block. So go ahead and find your block. And you'll place it between your ankles and we'll sit back down. So this is a version of camel. We'll sit on a block. Ushasana. And when you're on your seat here, you're going to take your thumbs and just connect the pinky toe and that second toe towards the earth and really feeling that outer corner of the foot rooting towards the earth. So finding a nice clear seat. We'll take the same interlace of the hands behind the back. This time left thumb on top. And before you straighten the arms, bend your elbows and see if you can create a bit more space in the front of the heart. Elbows move back. And then on your inhale, extending the arms out. Now we'll keep the hips to the block. As you inhale, you'll lift the heart. As you exhale, you'll almost curl back to reach the hands towards the earth. Maybe they touch down. Deep breath in. And slowly lifting chin, coming up, release the grip. If you like little shoulder circles, let some of that tension go. Now you're welcome to stay seated on your block if that's where you feel called to stay, right? That's where your intuition is telling you to go. Otherwise we'll come on to our shins for a version of camel and shins are anchoring into earth, hands interlaced behind the back. Again, you can start with the elbows bent and allow the heart to lead the way. As you inhale, you'll start to extend through the arms. As you exhale, squeeze the ankles into the block. Inhale, lift the sternum. Inhale, begin to curl back. And this is a great place to stay. You can support your neck. If you like, you can really reach towards the earth. We're going to keep the interlaced for this version. Inhale. Exhale, draw your belly in. Inhale, slowly come up, release the grip and you'll gently sit back on your block and pause. You're welcome to bring your hands on your heart and just take a moment to settle the breath. So samavritti pranayama, equal parts breath, settle it down. Now we're heading back to camel with the interlaced hands. And again, that can be where you stay or we're going to see if the heels are available for us. And so I've got the ankles hugging into the block, interlaced the hands behind the back once again, maybe opposite thumb on top. As you inhale, squeeze a block, lift the heart, extend the arms. As you exhale, hug in a bit more. Lift the heart, breath in, exhale, start to reach back. Support your neck so you might find this is where you stay. Or you might find that, oh, if I let go of my grip, my heels are right there. I squeeze the block so you can try that. Squeeze your block in, lift your heart, curl back, take a breath in. If you like, gaze up and then slowly rising and then sitting down and then pausing, couple of breaths. And then from here, we'll gently lift the hips and you'll remove your block and set it to the side. You'll lean to the right and the feet sort of jazz to the left. This is called broad vajrasana. It's a simple twist. You'll inhale to lengthen, exhale to twist to the right. You're welcome to lift that left hip, but you're rooting energetically down. You can have the left hand on the right knee. And then inhale to center, lean back. You want to switch legs. So you can wiper the knees the other way. Again, you can tuck the left foot under, right foot pulls back. Inhale to create space. Exhale, twisting towards the left, energetically tacking right hip towards the earth. Couple of breaths.

Inhale to center and then lean back and shake out your legs. So you'll bend your left knee, left foot to the mat and take your left hand behind you. Dorsa flex the right ankle. Inhale, reach your right arm up, twist towards your left knee. Couple of breaths. Soft eyes, soft jaw. Don't forget about this right leg. You could look past the left shoulder. Inhale to center. From here, you'll simply step your left foot outside the right knee and then using your right hand, you'll lift and shift the foot towards the right hip. You might lift and shift yourself so that you're in half cow face pose. So this is a beautiful place to stay. You can interlace the hands around the knee and stay high, really activate the right ankle. You're welcome to sit on your block if that feels appropriate. Otherwise, we begin to slowly walk forward. Couple of breaths. Again, letting the heart lead the way. So if you feel like you're really collapsing the chest, instead come out quite a bit and keep the collarbones wide. And then let's slowly walk up, lean back, shake out your legs. Right knee bends, right foot to the mat, right arm behind you. Inhale, left arm reaches, and then twisting towards your bent right knee. Long spine. Don't forget about the left leg. And you can gaze past your right shoulder. So spinning through the spiral of the heart, right around that center of the chest, more of the heart chakra line, center, couple of breaths. And then inhale to center. Use your left hand to place the right foot outside the left knee. And then you can use your hand to lift and shift the foot back to the side. And then if you need to lift the hips to adjust, go ahead. Again, using a block here is great. If upright is where you feel called to stay, you'll stay here or you'll start to walk your way forward. And so we grow the power of the heart with the breath. So stay in the breath. Stay committed to your inhale and your exhale. And then gently walking your way up. You'll lean back, shake out your legs. And then we're going to grab our blocks. If you're not using your block, go ahead and find your block. And we'll come to lie down on our back. This is called active reversal. And so you'll lie on your back. You'll plant your feet and you'll lift your hips. I like the medium way for this. So the second height on your block and you'll set that underneath your hips or your sacrum. And then from there, the legs go up towards the sky. And this is a place where you might need to adjust the block so that you feel like you're not really working too hard. Arms are nice and spacious and soft. And I love this pose because like we're reclaiming our energy back to the heart. So you can feel like on your inhale, you're drawing the energy back to the heart. And on the exhale, it's all settling in like sand in an hourglass. A couple of breaths here. Noticing places of tension or resistance. See if you can count through three more breaths, really allowing the legs to relax as much as they can and allow the block to do the work for you. It's like almost as if the block is holding the legs up. And then after that third breath, bend your knees. Take your feet down. Root into your feet. Lift your hips. You'll set your block to the side. And draw your knees into your chest. Give yourself a hug. And then keep your right knee in. Let your left foot go to the floor and you'll cross your right knee over your left knee, half eagle. The knees tilt over towards the left. You can tee out your arms and look towards the right. Again, maybe the feet need to walk a little bit towards the right edge of the mat, totally fine. And inhale, knees through center and unravel the legs. Right foot's down, left knee crosses over, and then the knees tilt over to the right, walking the feet over, lifting and shifting if you feel like you need to lift and shift. Then maybe gaze towards left hand. Spacious heart. And as you inhale, the knees through center, releasing the legs. Shake out your legs and we'll set up for Shavasana. So before we go there, shake out your legs, lift your head up, hands on your head, and allow the head to relax into the hands of it. And you just rock your head gently side to side. So there's no leftover tension in the neck and shoulders. So the legs can even wiggle in and out, in and out. You can rock them out. So we're not carrying leftover tension. Arms are wide, nice and spacious. And then drop back into the breath, bring your awareness to the center of the heart. Intuitive heart as you exhale, drop in. So we can touch into that inner sense of flow when we drop into our center. Allow yourself to drop into your center as you drop into Shavasana. As you bring your awareness back to your breath, see if you can allow the breath to feel as if it's moving in and out of the heart itself. Like your heart's doing the breathing.

Keeping that connection as you reach your arms out and the legs out. And then choosing a side to roll to. So again, using your intuitions, you choose a direction to go in and can roll to one side and pause, eventually meeting me in a comfortable seat. So you'll push your way up to find your way to your comfortable seat. Hands in front of the heart into Anjali Mudra and taking a moment to connect to your heart, your inner wisdom, and your heart lead the way as we move off our mats into the world. Thank you so much for sharing your practice today. Namaste.


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Wonderful mellow flow with variations for everyone to enjoy side plank; great way to  begin the day.  Namaste.
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I am so glad you practiced with me today!!! I am so thrilled you like it! xo
I enjoyed your class Emily. Gently getting back to my practise. Your class was a lovely flow and easy to follow along with your kind voice and few poses, bringing my body some easefulness. 
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Tina Anderson Thank you so much for practicing with us... and I am so glad you enjoyed the practice! 🙏🏽
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Thank you for a lovely practice -- just right at the end of a long day!
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Erika thank you so much for practicing with us! This is definitely one of my favorites!
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So nice
Debra thank you so much for practicing with us!!! 
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I think this one is my favorite of your yoga grooves, Emily! I love your energy, and your consistent reminders to listen to our inuitive hearts!
Lily A I am so glad to hear you love it! It's one of my favorites, too!

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