Yoga Nidra Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 10

Pranamaya Kosha

30 min - Practice


Kristin guides us in a Yoga Nidra practice designed to foster a sweeter connection with the Pranic body or Pranamaya Kosha. You will feel luminous.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 21, 2019
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A deeply restorative practice. (30 minutes flows by like 5!!) Happy Solstice, dear Kristin! Thank you for leading us to this deep place of rest... xo k8
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This practice must bring us to a higher plane of connection...just as with Kate (with whom my practice overlapped by mere minutes) when the bowl sounded it seemed as if barely any time had elapsed and yet I felt deeply restored. I also was thinking this was such a lovely practice for the Solstice today. Kate, when I read your words it was like “whoa” lol. This really is juicy stuff! ✨🎄✨
Happy Solstice Jenny & Kate ! What a beautiful way to spend the day:) I'm so happy that you both are here and are enjoying these offerings!
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I too was surprised how time was transformed in this practice. Thank you for this Kristin. It’s late at night and I hoped that I would not fall asleep while doing this but the meditative nadi shodhana was very anchoring and present. I have been averse to yoga nidra in the past because for some reason it made me terribly anxious rather than relaxed, but these practices with you have been calming. And I appreciate your dulcet voice 💕🌺
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Oh that's wonderful to hear the practices are of use for you Debra ! Thank you so much for practicing with me:)
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Dear Kristin, thank you for this wonderful practice - I'm a beginner and was confronted with some physical challenges like noticing one  congested side of my nose (not having a cold/allergy) that made alternating breathing impossible and restless itching coming up here and there as I was trying to lie still.... what would be your advise ?
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Hi Olga! Have you tried padadrsasana? I have a video on the technique I believe in the Body Poetry series but it's where you criss cross your arms placing your hands under your armpits. There are small clusters of autonomic nerves that will stimulate the nostrils to open and balance their air flow which will accomplish the same energetic balancing as nadi shodhana and might help quiet the nervous system. Please give it a shot and let me know how it goes:)
Wow, what a profound practice! I did you gentle asana practice before this. At the point where we were visualizing the filament of light in our chest, I had this amazing expansion of energy and joy. I almost fell asleep several times, and I think your words really resonated because you helped me to deeply relax. Thank you!
Oh that's so beautiful! Thank you so much for practicing and sharing with me:)
Thank you Kristin! I've been exhausted today from too much physical exertion and not enough sleep. This was very rejuvenating. You are a gift.
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