Yoga for Grief Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 12

Tool: Ripples of Loss

10 min - Talk


Michelle shares a tool called Ripples of Loss as well as reflection questions to help assist us with grief and loss.

Please see attached PDF to assist you with this integration practice.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 25, 2019
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This was such great tool for me. To actually sit down and chart the circles of grief and loss and the aftermath was quite revealing, especially when I was finished and had this whole sort of “map” in front of me that I could actually look at and make sense of in an almost objective way, if that makes sense...thank you for these teachings 🙏🏻♥️
It makes total sense. I had a similar experience of "seeing" the parts of my loss in a way that I couldn't quite explain. I'm so glad you did the exercise (I think it's easy to watch and not 'do') and that it was revealing for you! All these ways to interact with our grief help fill in the sketch of who we are "after."

Thanks so much for sharing your insights!
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Thank you for sharing this Michelle.  My experience with it was interesting. As I was thinking about this ripple effect, I remembered as a child how I enjoyed throwing a rock high in the air over some water, hearing it land with a plop and watching the ripples travel away from the center until I couldn't see them anymore.  Sometimes I'd do this with a handful of pebbles and the cascading sound was pretty cool. The ripples colliding created a little storm of chaotic water.  I made a connection to that chaotic water of my playful childhood, as I realized that the confused, buffeted, unpredictable sense that I carry with me so often these days reflects the nature of my grieving process now, as I dance with not only my most recent loss but a lifetime of losses which I am only now choosing to unpack and move through. What I also remember from my play; even those multiple ripples from multiple pebbles at once moved on, and smoother water returned. 
What a gorgeous supplement to the exercise. So simple, yet it brings a whole new depth to the exploration of ripples. I love the visual, as well as calling on nature as teacher, the ever Wise One. Thank you for sharing your story and gifting us all with this richness to take into our own inquiries.

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