Good Morning Yoga Artwork
Season 7 - Episode 6

Good Old Fashioned Flow

35 min - Practice


Join Alana for this well-rounded flow practice. We get the body moving with Sun Salutations, create heat with long holds in Pyramid and Warrior 3, challenge your balance with Tree Pose, and close out with gentle back bending. You will feel strong and energized.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Loved the “old school” vibe here...brought me back to the early 90s when I had a regular studio practice. It seemed like every class ended with shoulder stand, plow and fish pose - I miss those days! 🐟 ✌️☮️
Jenny, right?! A little ode to the primary series. It's feels so energizing to ride the wave of the breath through sun salutations, standing and closing postures. It's fun to revisit my roots with a softer, more playful approach. So happy to be on this journey together. XoA
Yes. It does feel so good to stretch. And it was fun! Thanks.
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Video stopped twice through practice
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I really loved this practice… Thank you!
HI Kit & Dee Dee! So nice to stretch, and breathe, and practice together! So glad to hear that you had fun! Wishing you all the best. Love, Alana 
Hi Eleanor, Thank you so much for joining me! So happy that you loved this practice. Take good care! Warmly, Alana 
Hi Rita, I hope you were able to get this video playing after all. Is your browser and software up to date? Sometimes just a simple restart and reboot can do the trick. Let us know if can help! Best wishes, Alana  
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A perfect practice!! I just had a baby, and I'm really trying to get back into shape. Your videos help so much. Thank you for teaching stay safe and healthy!!
Hi, Laura! Congratulations on your baby!! What a transformation. I bet you are ready to reclaim your body. I was just with my sister who gave birth 3 weeks ago (I'm an Auntie . She was sharing with me just that... I told her to be patient and ease back in, listening to her body. So happy that these videos are helping you. Stay safe and healthy, as well, Laura. Love, Alana  
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