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Season 7 - Episode 7

Strong Back, Receptive Heart

30 min - Practice


Let Alana guide you to a stronger, more supportive back and an open, receptive heart in this inspiring flow practice. We will warm up in Sun Salutation C, strengthen the back and shoulders in Dolphin, find space across the chest and begin our back bending in Sphinx and Salabhasana, and lengthen and deepen into the backbends in Ustrasana. We close out our practice with a centering seated meditation where Alana describes the fundamentals of the seat, touches on the Sushumna Nadi, or central energy channel of the body, and focuses us in on the quality of the breath. You will feel expansive and fortified.
What You'll Need: Blanket, Block

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I love this practice. The preparation for dhanurasana is skillful and wonderful for allowing more opening in that challenging posture. Thanks so much, Alana.
Wonderful Lori! Thank you for joining me and for sharing. Sounds like you found a lovely opening in your practice. xoA
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Love your practice! Just what I needed today! Thanks!
Fantastic, Susan! Thank you for joining me! Wishing you a wonderful and easeful day. Love, Alana 
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Thank you for the blessings of these nourishing practices, Alana.
Awe, thank YOU, Lori C for being here and joining me! I am deeply grateful to be on this Yoga journey together. Love! XoA
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Lovely!! Thank you!!
Laura M, Thank you for joining me in Yoga! Wishing you a lovely day! XoA
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Thank you! Great practice for a strong back and open heart!
Hi Renee R, So great to hear! Thank YOU for being here! Stay close. Love, Alana 
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