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Season 1 - Episode 10

SOS: Lengthen the Exhale

5 min - Practice
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Michelle guides us in a short SOS breathing practice to quickly soothe the nervous system while helping to alleviate anxiety and stress.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 18, 2019
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Bring your attention to your breath. Simply notice your breath. And then really gradually begin to make your exhales a little bit longer. Just so they feel slightly longer than your inhales, slightly longer than they were before. And keep doing that for a few rounds until it feels like your exhale is noticeably longer, smooth, easy breath than your inhale.

This is the most direct way to affect the mental state and to soothe the nervous system, to lengthen the exhale. When you get to a place, a length of exhale that feels comfortable, that feels soothing, stay with that. If you're having any trouble finding that longer exhale, you can imagine exhaling through a straw. Once you have that slightly longer exhalation, notice how you feel. This is a tool you can use anytime, anywhere to help ease anxiety or distress.


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