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Season 6 - Episode 5

Focused Flight

45 min - Practice


We begin with a chant to Shiva, the Lord of Yoga or the transformer, before moving into a focused flow practice to remove any obstacles in the way of deep joy. We play with turning things upside down into handstand. You will feel focused and happy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Punctuated by the heartfelt chant to Siva, the whole practice unfolds, embraced by that energy...  
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Kate Maha Deva Shambo!  Thank you Kate 
Thinking about surrender: I have heard it said in the Christian tradition that one should "put on the mind and heart of Christ" - but I think the imagery there of "putting on, or overlaying" is off balance. It is, rather, letting everything dissolve and discovering what has been there all along: the heart of Christ/Krishna/Shiva. Hari Om, yogini friend! 
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First asana practice of my 61st year!! Om namah Sivaya!!!
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Kate  wohooooo! Happy practicing dear Kate! You inspire me!!!
I like that comment about surrender Kate. Thank you Astrud, for a transformative practice!
This is a lovely class that I enjoy doing.
Focused flight is definitely the right name! Thank you for such a strong practice. I love your chanting voice by the way— so resonant with energy!

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