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The Bhakti Show

Season 6

Astrud Castillo

Bhakti Yoga is the path of love, devotion, and surrender. This season Astrud guides us through creative and fluid Vinyasa sequences while weaving together mantra, meditation, and breath. These practices are designed to inspire intimacy with Self and the Divine.



Johanna W
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Astrud,  Love your teachings, so potent, and just what I was asking for, glad I found you here. I hope you will have more classes. Dhanyavaadaha
Guylaine T
Loving that show ! It's special ! The chanting truly brings a deeper dimension to the practice, and your presence is grounded and illuminating. Hope to follow more classes with you here !
Meaghan S
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This show is gently aligned in my current practice. I love the softness of it all. Thank you to all who birthed this into being. 

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