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Season 1 - Episode 7

Ear Awareness Meditation

10 min - Practice


Kira guides us in a meditation to continue our play with the sense organs by bringing our awareness to the ears. You will feel more spacious and lovingly aware.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi there, nice to see you again. We'll continue our play with the sense organs, turning them inward in this session, The Ears. So step one, get comfortable. Snuggle in in a way that feels best for you, where you can feel rooted, easy, spacious, and relaxed. Once you've found that, you're going to bring your hands to your ears.

So use your index middle knuckle and your thumb, bring your hands up to your earlobes, and just begin to tug a little bit on your ears. I like to alternate a little bit, pulling on one side and then the other. It should feel good, so don't pull so hard that it doesn't. And then just slowly making your way up the ear. Just kind of like dragging your ears wide.

When I get to that point, that little Vulcan Spock point, I like to switch the grip so that the thumb is on the inside and then I really like to like pull up on them. You can go in a little bit more and just kind of fold them down a little bit. And then make your way all the way back down. What you're pulling on is known as the oracle of the ear. Isn't that a great name?

This outer ear is known as the oracle. And then just like pull one last time and let your hands go and then let your hands come down to rest as is comfortable for you. Let that upper soft palate of the skull open. Eyes again are either closed or just gently resting in front of you. And now tune your attention towards your left ear, particularly the oracle, the outer ear.

And just to begin to let that outer ear start to feel bigger, just start to let the ear expand by softening the tension around it, let the jaw ease. And gently travel down through the ear canal towards that thin little membrane, the eardrum. Let the eardrum feel more transparent. Yes, moving in towards the inner ear, let the inner ear feel more spacious, open. As you do this, you might notice this relationship between the inner ear and the throat.

Soften the jaw a little bit more. You might feel a movement down through the throat. Yeah, beautiful, now relax your direct holding of your attention on the left ear. Come back to rest at that upper soft palate. And now only when you're ready, again as we've explored, sometimes it's not so easy to move to the other side after you've been so close to one side.

Only as you're ready, you'll move your awareness over to the right ear, starting to hone in on the right ear. Starting with the auricle, the outer ear, the part of the ear you can see, just allowing this to feel bigger. Around the tension, around the temples, the sides of the ear, the back of the ear, yes. And then tenderly move your awareness down through the ear canal to that membrane, that eardrum. And just, can you allow this area to hold your curiosity, letting this membrane feel thinner, more transparent?

Moving into the inner ear, the chamber through which the vibrations of the sound get translated into something our mind can understand, and allow the inner ear to feel more spacious, cathedral-like, yeah. Beautiful, let your awareness rest back at that upper soft palate, letting that soft palate dome as you continue to just feel this expansiveness of your ears. For these last two minutes, continue to tune your attention towards allowing the ears to widen open, softening the tension. And if it's available and interesting, tenderly and gently, begin to allow your physical heart to come into your field of hearing. So your jaw is soft, your ears are open, upper palate is domed, and you are tenderly listening to your heart.

Thank you. If your eyes are closed, gently let them open. Thank you.


Kate M
Your voice is sooooo calming....
thank you, Kira : )
Corinne M
1 person likes this.
I am new to meditation and really enjoying these, thank you!
Kira Sloane
Glad you are here, corinne and thank you for letting us know these are useful. Feels good to be connected right now. xok
Hi, Kira! Can you please explain a little more of the physiology we should be tuning into for the “doming of the palette?” Is tha kind of epiglottis-related, or not really? I’ve heard it in a few of these meditation videos so far, and I wonder if I’m doing it “right.” ;) Thanks for this whole set. It’s lovely. And agree re: your soothing voice comment above!
Kira Sloane
Hi Jill! Is it helpful to link you to anatomical photo of the soft palate? Let me know if this helps and if not, let try again. xok

Excellent. That helps! Thanks, Kira.
Sandra Židan
Interesting meditation! Thanks, Kira!

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