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Season 1 - Episode 9

Pituitary Gland Awareness

10 min - Practice


We continue our journey inward to the mystery honing awareness toward the skull and pituitary gland. You will feel expansive.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi, glad you're here. Let's continue our journey inward towards the mystery of us. So step one, be comfortable. By now I'm hoping that your body is trusting that it knows how to sit, that it's becoming easier for you to feel settled, supported, awake, and open. And because we're going to be honing in towards the skull, let's put a little bit more attention to this alignment.

So again, eyes might be closed or just softly resting on a spot in front of you. Allow the upper soft palate to widen, balloon even. Feel how this naturally allows the base of the skull to widen. It's just without any effort, causes the chin to just drop slightly. The chin sometimes is associated with the sense of a separate self, and so the dropping of the chin just naturally allows for a quality of humility.

And then just with your mind, just locate the upper bridge of the nose, what sits right between your eyebrows, and from the upper bridge of your nose, draw your awareness back inside towards the very center bottom of your brain. We're moving towards the spot where the pituitary gland sits. And while you might not have, in the past, identified where your pituitary gland is in your skull, when you get to where it is, there is this quality of, yes, there is an immediate kind of plunk, you'll just kind of know. When you get to that center point right at the base of the brain, the request now is that you just so gently relax around this area, just like we've been playing with. Just let this region start to feel more expansive, like it can gently radiate, and just tenderly like radiate back towards the back of the occipit bone, let the occipit bone, which is located in the back of your skull, feel like it opens.

Let the two bones that sit on either side of your skull, above your ears, open, as if they can breathe more easily. And feel that gentle radiation towards the frontal bone, like where your forehead is, and let this bone feel like this gentle lift, and just see if you can allow this feeling of that upper palate doming, this radiating center. What sometimes comes is this quality of like being, like you literally feel like you're being lifted up, there's a quality almost as if you're growing taller. And the play is allowing this to occur while simultaneously relaxing any tension that's crept in, in your neck, in your shoulders, along your spine, again, you've decided maybe your eyes are open, focused, or maybe it feels better to let them close, and we'll be here for about two and a half more minutes. Remember how to soften the jaw, let the eyes feel kinder, let the ears feel more open.

Looking towards your ability to give your mind more room. So. Be aware if you've been tempted to hold your skull still and allow yourself to be in the fluidity of the movement. For the last few moments, maybe allow yourself to gently sigh to help ground you again so you can feel that simultaneous grounded expansion. Beautiful, if your eyes are closed, let them slowly open.

Thank you.


Kira. I love you! I feel so open and supported and lifted up! Two hands together and a big hug 
Lydia Zamorano, miss you so much. xok
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This is an irresistible invitation to go SO DEEP. So beautiful, KIra, so beautiful. It was the perfect reassuring antidote to the craziness  I hear everywhere right now re. "the virus". Can we broadcast your guided meditations to the world please? Love, love.
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Kate, I am so happy to be connected. LOVE!
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This is one of my most favorite meditations… I will come back again and again. With much love and thanks for your tender guidance and support 🙏🏻 
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Hi Summer! Thank you for being here. xok

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i just  love  these  10 min, after  my practice . thank you.

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Ivalo O, thank YOU! xok

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