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Season 1 - Episode 8

Hand Awareness Meditation

10 min - Practice


We continue to allow the attention of the physical body hold us steady as we drop into subtler elements of ourselves. In this practice, we bring awareness to our hands. You will feel receptive and open.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi there, nice to see you again. Let's continue to let our attention on the physical body hold us steady as we drop into subtler elements of ourselves. So step one, be comfortable. In a way that allows you to feel easy, grounded, expressive in the heart, and expansive up through the skull. Sometimes we're going to be letting our hands be the object of our meditation practice.

Put a little bit more attention right now on how you have your hands. And unless palms down is supremely and absolutely the most comfortable position for you, try letting your palms turn up, resting on your thighs or knees depending on how you're sitting. Eyes can now either close or find a resting spot. And allow your elbows to feel just a little bit heavier to help the tension in your shoulders and your knees. Just make sure you're in a spot, just fiddle a little bit and make sure you're in a spot that really feels supremely comfortable so your hands can really feel like they're supported.

And so tenderly, tune your attention, like move your mind to your left hand, particularly the left center point of the palm. And as you come into the left center point of the palm, when endeavoring to touch something subtler, essential to let the hand feel more sensitive, like you were touching something quite delicate. So allow the effort of the hand to ease, and it's much more quality of receiving your attention in your hand. The hand might start to feel fuller like it's actually holding something, which it is, it's holding your attention. And as we've been exploring where your attention goes, your prana or life force generally follows.

Okay, now so slowly, tenderly and smoothly begin to let your attention move over to your right hand. Let the right hand feel receptive to you, sensitive to you, open to you. And so that as your attention moves into your right hand, there might be a feeling of a fullness as the prana follows. Yeah, tenderly now move your attention back to your left hand. And as you come back to your left hand, feeling the center of that left palm, and also start to be aware of your fingers.

And as you're aware of your fingers, be aware of the space in between your fingers. Be aware of what holds your left hand, the context of your left hand, the relationship. Let yourself be interested in this tenderly, smoothly, sweetly, come back over to the right hand. Let the right hand receive your attention. You're aware of the right fingers, soften the joint of the thumb a little bit.

And be aware of the space in between the fingers. Be aware of what holds your fingers. Open your connection to the right hand as you bring the left hand back into your field. The yogis have long referred to the hands as the motor organ of the heart. And so for our last minute and a half together, let your hands feel open, receptive, curious.

And can you let your heart feel the same way? Back of the heart wide, front of the heart soft. Let the jaw be easy, eyes kind, open, non-grasping, receptive, available. If your eyes are closed, gently let your heart feel the same way as your left hand. And gently let them open.

Thank you.


Jenny S
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These meditations are so cool...in this one my hands felt as though they were buzzing with energy...
Kira Sloane
Right on, Jenny! So happy to hear!
Kate M
In recent days with all the buzz about COVID19, and the reticence to touch or shake hands (the motor organs of the heart): how do we maintain a loving open heart to counteract the defensive shrinking into oneself that fear provokes?
Kira Sloane
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Oh Kate, yes. I find myself using these times to investigate, explore, and even be for this protective self interested ego structure. She can be so sneaky and clever in "good" times. Once exposed, I can hold her with affection which sometimes results in a small tiny loosening of her grip. Only then do I have a chance of offering sincere prayers. Also, having fun with the new "elbow bump" and "toe bump" does lighten the heart. Hoping you and your family are healthy. xok
Kate M
Kira Sloane we are all well : ) I sometimes try to embrace the ego as I would a little child being a little silly. May you be well! Love.
Kira Sloane
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Kate, I love this image so much! Thank you for this gift! 

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