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Season 1 - Episode 8

Hand Awareness Meditation

10 min - Practice


We continue to allow the attention of the physical body hold us steady as we drop into subtler elements of ourselves. In this practice, we bring awareness to our hands. You will feel receptive and open.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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These meditations are so cool...in this one my hands felt as though they were buzzing with energy...
Right on, Jenny! So happy to hear!
In recent days with all the buzz about COVID19, and the reticence to touch or shake hands (the motor organs of the heart): how do we maintain a loving open heart to counteract the defensive shrinking into oneself that fear provokes?
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Oh Kate, yes. I find myself using these times to investigate, explore, and even be for this protective self interested ego structure. She can be so sneaky and clever in "good" times. Once exposed, I can hold her with affection which sometimes results in a small tiny loosening of her grip. Only then do I have a chance of offering sincere prayers. Also, having fun with the new "elbow bump" and "toe bump" does lighten the heart. Hoping you and your family are healthy. xok
Kira Sloane we are all well : ) I sometimes try to embrace the ego as I would a little child being a little silly. May you be well! Love.
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Kate, I love this image so much! Thank you for this gift! 

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