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Season 1 - Episode 11

Naming and Labeling

10 min - Practice


Where our attention goes, our life force flows. Kira guides us in a meditation exercise to tune in to how the mechanism of the mind works. We play with naming and labeling our thoughts and find gentle encouragement to tether our awareness back to the breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Lovely, thank you, God Bless🙏
Deanna, LOVE!
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Your voice creates a warm and safe cocoon for these explorations. Love! xoxo : )
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Kate, it's so comforting to be here together. Thank you. 
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As the meditation was coming to an end, I heard Thank You inside. This is what you said at the end Kira. Feeling grateful for this meditation. 🕊
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Michelle, yes yes yes yes. This is it. This is the reality of our existence! Thank You! Chilly bumps. Love.
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Hi Kira : Practiced with you live today. Couldn't hang around to say hi.  Learnt some variations today. Lovely practice. 
Prathiba, wonderful to be together this morning. Thank you. xok
Wonderful meditation! Thanks, Kira!
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Sandra, thank you for being here. xok

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