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Season 1 - Episode 13

Trust Meditation

10 min - Practice


Widen the pasture for your thoughts and feelings to roam. With great trust, we dive deeper into our meditation practice by honing our skills of recognition and ease.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sweet Kira...this was so helpful today as I was experiencing a Coronavirus panic attack. I literally placed both my hands over my heart and held tight to your soothing voice...a life preserver in this uncertain time. Thank you 🙏🏻
Oh Jenny, yes. Loving you. xok
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Kira, oh my! For years I have heard the guidance about "making space" for my thoughts and feelings as they arise, from various teachers. It has never really worked for me...too amorphous. "Widening the pasture" is the visual I needed to make this connection. Thank you for passing on these very inspired words, my dear teacher!  Julie S.
Julie! So good to see you here. Yes, I am pretty sure I stole this image from Ramakrishna. I am sorry to not have the exact reference. He used really sweet and gentle cow metaphors a lot. Rumor was that one of his flock would come for darshan daily.  xok
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Jenny sending waves of comfort and peace. Kira Sloane again - so sweet, comforting, gentle and kind. Be well . Love.
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This was beautiful and very helpful. Conversing with our inner trust  in a grounding  way is so needed, especially these days. I will come back to this one, and would love even more meditation videos that hold, open up and allow for expansion on the same theme. As always, thank you xo
svl_ml, thank you so much for being here and connecting. Our teacher, Erich Schiffmann, always says Self Trust is the advanced Practice. You might like his Freedom Yoga Immersion.
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Kira Sloane Advanced practice indeed :) Thank you, I will look into that xo
thank you, Kira! I needed this!
Elizabeth, LOVE!
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