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Season 1 - Episode 12

Emotional Awareness Meditation

10 min - Practice


Kira guides us in a shortened Loving Kindness meditation to begin to study how our emotions and physical bodies relate. We tune in with loving awareness.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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I'm telling you, Kira, this is a lifeline! Woke up sometime in the night and found worries starting to take hold, with the accompanying tension in the jaw, etc... Used this loving kindness meditation in my savasana after asana practice today. It really helped me to soften and allow the tension to melt away. Softening into the present moment... LOVE.
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Kate, your yogi field reports are so helpful! LOVE
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Kira! This is changing my life. I wanted to start meditating because I am experiencing high levels of stress. Your introduction, calm voice, and guidance is awesome. Thanks so much! 
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Janeissy, we are in this stress together for sure. Thank you so much for being here with us. Join us live on Friday Mornings at 10:30am PDT if helpful. A link to register will appear on the www.yogaanytime.com/live page soon. xok
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Hi Kira! I joined this morning and it was such an amazing and grounding experience. Thanks so much!

It was so great to be together, Janeissy!
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It is so wonderful to hear your kind and soothing voice on a regular basis.  I am so grateful for you, the many teachers you have gathered and for YogaAnytime.  
~Much love to you.  
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Pam, so wonderful to see you face here this morning. Love to you guys. Hope you are safe and well. xok
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Thank you SO SO much for this practice! Really connected me to my emotions but in a calm, safe way. I feel clearer and lighter. This one is life changing!
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Dearest Layla, your experience makes me so happy. xok
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