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Season 1 - Episode 2

Get Comfortable

10 min - Practice


Comfort is an inner guided place. Kira guides us in a short practice to help us find comfort and ease in sitting. You will feel supported, grounded, generous in your heart, and open in your mind.

For other tutorials on finding a comfortable seat,click here.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Sooo nice to practice with you again Kira...your gentle, cerebral approach is almost hypnotic, which really helps to keep me relaxed and focused. Looking forward to the rest of the season ❤️🙏🏻
Yes yes yes. Chiming in to Jenny’s comment. Ever so lovely to be here with you and practicing so tenderly. Forever grateful for the Forces that had our paths crossed. Love
Jenny, wonderful to be together. Thank you for connecting. xo
Gabriella, so happy to know you, dear one. xok
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So grateful to have your guidance here. A gentle nudging to let what isn't needed fall away... and reveal what's always been here, patiently waiting. Deep gratitude.
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Kate, LOVE!
I can’t do this I tried and it hurts my back someone help me I can’t relax I can relax in final shavasthana but not in meditating I started crying cause this caused so much stress, I want to be able to meditate but I can’t😩
Dearest Stephanie, sounds like you have discovered that lying down supine is the best posture for meditation right now. Savasana is a form of meditation! 

You might drop into Alana's Savasana 7 Day Challenge. 

You might also really like Kristen's Yoga Nidra Show. Supine is where the magic is.

Sitting up for meditation is just one of the many possible postures. Stay close. Stay well and healthy. xok

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I love how you talked about being grounded in the feet, secure on the seat, generous in the heart and open in the mind. It resonates and I had a reflective moment where I was like «hey! that's what any human being, young or old, wants to feel!» thank you!
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Karina, yes! It's so wonderful to experience the truth of not being so different from each other. Thank you for connecting. Cute photo! xoK

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