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With the help of Juna, Sarah, and Matt, we look at a collection of postures expressed through different bodies in an effort to increase our capacity to see the differences.
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Feb 06, 2015
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Welcome back. Season 2 of Posing. Thank you my friend Sarah, June and Matt for being here. And thank you. So as we explore these postures together, the play is to start to increase our ability to see differences. Okay, the purpose of yoga is not to narrow our field of vision and imagine that there's one way to be. The purpose is to increase our capacity for the reality. And so as we explore this sequence of postures this season, sometimes June and Matt and Sarah will be showing variations that might make the posture more comfortable. Sometimes we'll be able to look at differences that are just simply the result of anatomy. Anatomy, which has a lot to do with how each of us came out of the womb combined with our day job. Sarah teaches yoga. June does many different things. And Matt runs an amazing bookstore in Ojai Bart's books if you've never been there. I highly recommend it. Anyway, welcome. Happy to be together.


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