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Matt Pesendian is deeply inspired by the healing arts of the East. This season, he weaves elements of Ashtanga, Qi Gong, Shadow Yoga, and Chinese Medicine with an invitation to dive into the deeper, more subtle details of the practice.
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Mar 07, 2015
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Welcome, I'm Matt Pacindian and in these episodes I share with you some fundamental yoga techniques that I hope help deepen and enhance your daily yoga practice. Some of the main focal points that you'll be touching on during this practice are udiyana bandha, how to break down a basic Sun citation like surya namaskar A and B. I also take you through a seated forward bend twist sequence and a seated hip opening sequence. Along with this I'm sharing a personal practice with you that hopefully will get to incorporate all the techniques that I've shared in the other episodes and lastly I've introduced some qigong which is known as Chinese yoga. I hope that some of the information I've shared with you resonates with you inspires you and adds depth to your personal yoga practice.


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