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Are you ready to invigorate your daily routine, create sustainable energy, and feel more relaxed and joyful? Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology that harnesses the energy of the pranic life force, opening up the energy centers of the body to help you get in touch with your intuition, spark creativity, and radiate vitality. In this Challenge we will work with pranayama (breath work), kriyas (exercises), mantra (chanting), and meditation to break through negativity and harmful patterns, stimulate digestion, circulation, and the glandular systems, detoxify the organs, and release stress. In this Springtime of new growth, taking stock, and starting fresh, give yourself the gift of a reboot, and meet every day with clarity and grace.
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Mar 19, 2020
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There is no limit to vitality. All we have to do is activate it. Welcome to Vitality Reboot, our 7-day Kundalini Yoga Spring Challenge. Together we'll explore and move through 7 30-minute Kriyas, meditations, mantras and pranayams from the ancient tradition of Kundalini Yoga. This challenge will activate your vitality and your personal power, transform your energy and radiance through the power of these ancient practices. Enliven your vitality, boost your immune system, get the energy and mental clarity that you need to follow through with your life's purpose.

I look forward to beginning with you soon.


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I am loving this challenge. I finished day 5 and I'm now starting to worry about what to do without these wonderful classes everyday... I could do them over and over I suppose! Thank you Sukhdev 🙏
Elizabeth M
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Hi, Jessica  ! I loved this challenge too!  You can check out Season 1 Kundalini Rising next, for more Sukhdev!  There's a 2nd season too, that I'd really recommend you check out too! Sat nam! 🙏 
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Elizabeth thank you so much, I really appriciate you taking the time to reply! I will check that out for sure 🙏 Sat nam! 

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