Mindful Movement Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

5 min - Talk


Margi shares 7 tips for setting up for success for our Mindful Movement course together, including setting a designated space, gathering your props and comfortable clothes, making a commitment to the course, having an accountability buddy, doing the off-the-mat homework, and a sense of fun!
What You'll Need: No props needed

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May 20, 2020
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Margi!  I love your classes.  I always learn some cool tips and variations and yes indeedy, they are FUN!  I'm really looking forward to spending some (virtual) time with you over the next 7 days : )
Jenny So great to hear from you and happy you are doing the course. Feel free to let me know how it is going. Hope you and yours are well. Margi

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