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Mindful Movement

Join Margi for Mindful Movement, a 7-day yoga and meditation course designed to help you experience awareness and ease both on your mat and out in your daily life. Together we explore 30-minute practices that build progressively with accessible movements, seated meditations, and powerful inquiries into the experience of being human, in order to promote a happy and healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Season 1


Annabelle B
dear Margi, im loving this course , thankyou, 
Mary L
Dear Margi thank you so much for this course. I have come back to repeat this again, as I enjoyed it so much before I find off the mat homework just keeps me on track 🙏
Margi Young
mary So lovely to hear. Yes, that homework is necessary everyday! Deep exhales to you, Margi
Margi Young
Annabelle Yay! Annabelle- so great to hear from you. And glad you are enjoying. Teach it all to your students! Or have them do the course. xo

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