Yoga Chi Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

QiGong for Self Healing

35 min - Practice


Matt shares the art of Qigong, a therapeutic and meditative form of yoga that originated in China. He guides us through a self-massage and movement practice designed to bring fluid back into the joints, calm the nervous system, and nourish the bones and internal organs. Matt shows pressure points to stimulate the meridian channels, boosting the immune and lymphatic systems. You will feel grounded, rejuvenated, and fluid from within.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Quite refreshing for this creaky old body. Thanks!
Such a wonderful practice.
Thank you so much!
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lovely thank you - it seems so gentle but I can feel the therapeutic effect on my body
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Just one question, when I breathe in (during the whole body breath), should I feel the energy entering through the top of my head and exiting through my feet or vise versa? Should I just relax and see where it goes? I'm curious about Qigong but at present I have no frame of reference. I enjoyed this practice, thanks.
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I love how grounded and balanced this simple practice makes you feel and how the opening warm ups and tapping invigorate you and can be used before any yoga practice as well. Thank so much Matt!
Super lovely practice, thank you Matt. I teach Qigong in Scotland...let me know if ye ever fly this way, would be fun to practice with you.
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Can we please have more classes with Matt teaching Qigong? It is wonderful to incorporate this with my yoga practice. Thank you!
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Dearest Sienna,
Isn't he wonderful and great idea! xokira
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Thank you this was such a reviving practise. Any suggestions for removing Chi blockages please? I would love to do more Qigong.
Is this good for back pain?
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