Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Relaxed and Determined

60 min - Practice


Heat up your core and commit to strengthening, balancing, and opening the whole body in this spicy all-around flow practice. You will feel strong and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I’m loving these practices!  Watching pre-recorded and I usually only have half an hour before my kids get up, so It takes me two days to get through one class, but it’s working out.  Thanks Robert!
Thanks for sharing here corinne !! I'm so glad these practices are working for you!! Sounds like you may be kind of busy with kiddos - good job in prioritizing yourself and keeping up with that - so important and very easy to not do!  Thank you and see you again soon! 
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I’m loving your classes, thanks a lot!
Are you going to be live tomorrow again? Hopefully yes! 
Hey there Ana Luiza  !! Thanks so much for being a part of these classes and community!! You are so welcome! I will NOT be live tomorrow/today. I will be live this Friday at my usual time 1:30pm east coast time zone. The second season of Dynamic Flow will resume and start up Sept 8th I believe, can't wait! Hope to see you Friday! Robert
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Amazing. So grateful for your mindful, slowly guided practice. I swear I was done with yoga today after teaching two privates and biking all over Berlin, caring for my kids and feeling physically exhausted. But something called me to click on this video I had wanted to try. And an hour later I am refreshed, renewed, tuned back in to my body and feeling way better than before the class. Truly appreciative for the authenticity in your teaching, Robert. Thank you! 
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I really appreciate the core strength work in these classes. It’s good to get sweaty! Thanks Robert.
Agree 100% with you Ali !! A good sweat and some core work always feel good!! I'm happy it's working for you! 
Loved this class. I am guilty of letting your calm voice trick me into thinking the class will be easier. It never is! Feeling great afterwards. Namaste!

Another fantastic class Robert. It felt sooooo good. Thank you.

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