Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Focused and Inspired

60 min - Practice


Be so focused on the task at hand there’s no time for negative thoughts. Invest in yourself in this inspiring and energizing flow, as we move through accessible core work, twisting, balancing, and standing poses to open and strengthen the whole body. You will feel fortified and positive.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


I feel so renewed. Appreciate the grounding, strengthening and challenging elements of this flow, and fluidity of poses, all in an hour's time. Gracias!
Thanks for excellent guidance through the flipped dog pose. 
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Thanks for making me smile with your easy sense of humour and relaxed vibe. Great start to my day.
You got it and my pleasure Brigitte - so happy you found it helpful, it can be a tricky transition sometimes! 
Awwww, thank you so much for that sweet comment Nam , nice to hear!! You've now made my day, funny how that works :) 
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Thank you for not doing more core work! But thank you for the core and strength work you did include. I really need that, and am grateful for this class to allow me to explore it.
Hi Ali !! Core work is so important I think, I’m glad you find it to be valuable even if very difficult and not always fun :)) keep exploring it, it may even feel good and become fun someday! 
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Revisiting this practice after some busy busy work days, and needed to hear your guidance at the end of class about busy-ness and priorities!  Thanks!  
Hi Corinne M  - I’m glad the class was helpful, I really appreciate you sharing and commenting! 
Robert, I am taking many inspirations from your words: to commit to yourself and to be consistent. Namaste

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