Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Full-Body Dynamic Flow

60 min - Practice


Move, stretch, and feel good in your body. We start seated, breathing and setting an intention for our practice, then move dynamically through floor stretches, create heat in standing poses, challenge the core and balance, and play in arm balances. You will feel grounded and alive.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I’m enjoying the energetic dynamics of your flow with the intermittent strength building repetitions.
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Just got back from 7 hours of driving, this was just what I needed! Thank you Robert Sidoti 
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I've really loved the flow and the variety of strength building exercises.

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Marvelous. Liked the high fives at the end in our spinal twists. Thanks for your very down to earth presence in these videos.
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This was hard work on a humid New England day, but your enthusiasm was contagious (in a GOOD way lol). In fact, you seemed so positive I kept waiting for you to break out the “Best Day Ever!” pose 😅. Thanks for the good vibes!
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This was just what I needed. Thank you
Hey there Christel !! I’m glad these practices are feeling good for you! 
Awesome to hear Eric - driving for long periods can be rough on the body!  Nice to have you here! 
Good to hear Lina !! I’m a huge fan of this type of practice, it’s benefited me for so many years, grateful to offer here on Yoga Anytime and to friends like you :)) 
Hi Shawn :)) Thanks so much for being here and for your comment - Glad the virtual high fives are felt and welcomed! 
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