Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Full-Body Dynamic Flow

60 min - Practice


Move, stretch, and feel good in your body. We start seated, breathing and setting an intention for our practice, then move dynamically through floor stretches, create heat in standing poses, challenge the core and balance, and play in arm balances. You will feel grounded and alive.
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Welcome to my home, welcome to yoga anytime, and more importantly, welcome to your body. Welcome to your mind, your heart, your welcome to your life, right? And so during this time with me on the mat, my hopes are to get your body moving into shapes that give you strength, empowerment, flexibility, mobility, some good breath work, right? Some breathing and always making space for you to have a certain mindset, create a certain mindset for some healthy contemplation is what I like to think of it. So movement, exercise to feel awesome, to do the things in life we want to do in a good healthy body.

Boom, I want to do that. So let's begin. So sit for a few months, sit for a few moments. Let's take a few deep breaths. So breathe in nice and full.

Breathe out. And you do a couple of those clearing breaths, right? So you breathe in fully through the nose, expanding the belly and diaphragm and chest, open the mouth and exhale everything out like a big release. One more time. So we can kind of clear space for you to arrive.

Breathe in and breathe out, close your eyes for a few moments, sit up tall, breathe in a way that feels right for you. Get a nice equal breath going, inhale, followed by the exhale and begin to ground yourself in your body, feel your body, connect to the breath and the practice is the practice. The movement is the movement, right? But what I find to be very appealing to me is to create some kind of meaningful intention, something that at the root of your practice, at the root of your breath and the movements, there is an intention, there's a real purpose behind it. Something that you are, you're investing some quality time and thinking about, okay?

Maybe releasing something, adding something of quality to your life, right? Looking at some aspect of your life that needs some attention. So let's take five breaths or so with your eyes closed and don't put any pressure on yourself to create the ideal intention. Maybe just being on your mat and moving your body in this space will, something will come up. So connect to the breathing, so it's almost like you're warming and charging the engines with that breath.

Breathe in nice and full, breathe out. One more time, breathe in and breathe out. Hands together at your chest, at your heart, forehead to your fingertips as a gesture, a meaningful gesture of commitment to yourself to live the best possible life you can, but no pressure. Have fun. Let's do this.

Come on to your hands and knees. Keep that quality of connection to the breath. Keep the intention if you crafted one at, you know, sort of like right there, right at the surface of your mind and push back into child's pose. So we're going to create this little flow that I always enjoy teaching and also practicing. So it starts off with child's pose.

Push your hips back and you find that little sweet spot. Reach your arms nice and reach them all the way out to the front of the mat so the arms are strong, elbows are lifted up off of the mat and your head is facing the ground, your forehead touching possibly. Take a quality breath here, exhale, release it, inhale into table top, exhale, drop the hips. You've probably done this with me before, if you haven't, it's a nice little way to warm up. Pull the shoulders back, drop the thighs, the hips, bend your arms and lower down from your navel to your low ribs, your chest and chin or forehead.

And then you inhale, come back up through cobra, up dog, up dog with like the thighs down though. Right? Not the big glorious version. Shoulders back, chest up, breathe in and breathe out back to child's pose. If you pay attention, you can feel the complimentary movements within the spine and the hips.

Table top, breathe in, drop the hips, open the chest, the heart, exhale, lower yourself down. Exhale back through cobra, up dog, lazy up dog and all the way back into your child's pose. Stress that low back out, open up through the hips. Okay. I'm going to offer you one more thing here, but if it doesn't work for you, stay with this flow that we just did.

So the idea here is to bring some attention to your shoulders and arms, chest, breathe in all the way through. So it's a low knee pushup halfway down or almost all the way down and exhale, push all the way up and back into child's pose. So you get that immediate relief in your shoulders. Inhale through table, bend your arms 90 degrees, healthy shoulders as you push back up and back into child's pose. All right.

So inhale through, keep the knees down just to make this nice and easy to start. If it's not easy, I didn't mean to make it sound easy. Just a nice groovy way to begin, right? And if you want to just come into plank and refine your knee plank, do that or full plank. Okay.

Push back to child's pose. Let's do it again, your version, right? So we've given you like three options. Exhale back into child's. If you're with the flow, the beginning flow, stay with that.

Then lower pushup, push up and back, exhale, inhale through table and down, exhale up and back, child's pose. Inhale five more. Exhale push back. You start to feel the arms working, inhale, exhale, push back. Three more, inhale, exhale, push back.

Two more, inhale, exhale, push back. Inhale through table, bend the arms, lower down, exhale, child's pose, good. Inhale back into table, move through cat-cow, breathe in, lift the chest, pull the shoulders back, sit bones nice and high so you feel that arch in the back. And then the opposite arch, round out the back, tuck the tailbone, cat pose, push the ground away, inhale, cow pose, good healthy movement for your spine, and exhale, round out the back. Three more, breathe in, cow pose, breathe out, into cat, inhale, cow pose, breathe out, tuck that belly up and in, cat, inhale, cow.

Inhale cat, tuck the belly up, up, up, up, up, round the back, round the back, round the back, back into your table, curl the toes under, push the hips back, lift the knees and all the way up into your first downward facing dog. All right, make sure it's really important that you spread all of your fingers out and you've got all of your knuckles and finger pads pressed down evenly. So don't let the index finger knuckle and thumb pad lift. Glue it down, seal it down, and then maybe even look forward towards your fingertips and you have that opening between your index finger and thumb, okay? Now the bottom of your bicep or your bicep meets the forearm, you have the opposite side of your elbow.

That little indentation there, draw it toward in the direction of that index finger and thumb opening. That means the elbows are going to peel out and back towards your toes and you're going to get some strong arm and back connection here. Root down, you're still moving through the legs, one bends, the opposite straightens and you're just feeling it out and you're so stoked to be stoked. Awesome, happy, elated to be in your body, right? To be moving and breathing and sweating and challenging yourself.

Take a deep breath because you can exhale everything out, bring your knees down, find that tabletop, slide your right foot all the way back like you're bringing the right leg into plank, but then slide both your left toes and right foot all the way to the left, like the right foot is even off the mat, and then peel the right arm up so you're in this knee, left knee down side plank, but then reach that right arm up overhead, stretch the side body, ground that right foot, take some big circular motions through that right arm, opening and being as curious and positive and optimistic as you possibly can as you move around in this body of yours. Lift the right leg, grab hold of that right foot or ankle, stretch through your right quad by pulling the right heel in the direction of your seat, push the foot now into the hand and open up so you have this almost like back bend quality on the right side of your body and you're posting up strong on your left arm. Now you're going to release that right foot and use some like hip mobility to step your right foot all the way out, step it like you're stepping over a fence, up and over to the right side of the front mat, untuck the back toes, left hand stays on the mat, right hand on your right side, just drop down deep into the hips and specifically really drop that left hip down toward the mat like you're leaning over and if you would like that feeling, come on to the outer edge of your left foot onto that ankle and drop the hips. That means you're going to probably going to come up to the outer edge of your right foot, flaring the knee, the right knee out, good. Back into more of a low lunge, standard low lunge.

You're going to take now the right foot, bring it out toward the edge of the mat. Right hand reaches up nice and high so you grab yourself a twist, open across the chest, check in with your breath. Now bring the right hand behind your head and on your exhale, bring the right elbow in the direction of the floor in your mat and round out your back and then inhale like a wing. Bring that right elbow out and up and open, that's the inhale, exhale, elbow toward the mat, round out the back, inhale up and open, exhale, elbow toward the floor, inhale up and open and exhale, the inhale, last one, exhale, reach all the way up with that right hand, bend your left leg, grab hold of that left foot, turn your palm open, shoulder, right shoulder open and then drop your hips a little bit more and try to bring your left heel a little closer to your seat, a little wow factor there in that left quadricep muscle area. Be kind, be gentle, release that foot, your left foot, bring your right hand back down and push your hips back for a little half split.

You can frame that right leg, you can curl your back toes and straighten out that right leg getting a little hamstring love. Give it some love, remember what I said, right? Some necessary useful flexibility, then come back into the lunge and then back into the half split. So there's this nice continuous movement, back into the lunge, back into the half split, beautiful back into the lunge and then sweep your arms up overhead and get that what might feel like the full version of low crescent lunge. Open the chest, create those cactus arms, field goal post arms, opening the chest, lifting up.

Now breathe, breathe, breathe and exhale the hands back down to the mat. Step back into that tabletop position. All right, now send your hips back into child's pose for a little brief shoulder rest so you're not on your left shoulder, you're not on your right, you bring your hands back towards your feet, drop your forehead towards the mat, get that nice stretch to the back and your hips. Okay, let's bring it back into table, send the left leg back, slide both feet over just like you did on the other side, right? Boom, gives you a little more balance.

Post up on that right arm, left arm nice and high, open the chest, then you ground that left foot as much as you can and reach long through the left side and then you create these big circular motions forward and back with the left arm. Try to coordinate a good healthy breath with the movement, especially if I'm not offering that at any given moment. Beautiful, so good. Lift the left leg up, see what that feels like. You can keep it lifted just like so or bend it, take hold of the foot, push or pull the left heel towards your left seat, that's it and left shoulder open.

Push the left foot into the left hand, creating this like strength and kind of flexibility action through the left side with that whole left channel. Push the foot into the hand, open the chest, breathe, now you're going to release that foot, left foot and then like I said on the other side, it's like a cool little mobility kind of drill. Your left foot is going to go up by the left side of the mat, lift it up, bend it and step. Nice land in the lunge, low lunge, drop that right hip, feel free to come onto the outer edge of your right foot, so it's this cool little stretch up that right side, you open up the right hip, the low right side of your waist there and back into the lunge, square hips, push back into a little half split, inviting in some hamstring stretching and then with that kind of dynamic movement, you bring it back into the lunge, you bring it back into half split, good and bring it back into the lunge and back into half split, exhaling potentially back into half split because those hamstrings can be a little resistant. Back into the lunge, ground your right hand, left arm peels up and open, you can stay here or take your left foot out to the edge of the mat, okay, left hand behind the head, this is really great movement for your spine and you're using your core to do this.

So left elbow as you exhale, round it down toward the mat, like spread your shoulder blades out, keep your right arm straight, inhale all the way up and open, good, so you get the twist, exhale left elbow toward the floor, drop into your hips, inhale up and open and exhale, three more, inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, how about one more, breathe in open, open, open, open, beautiful exhale, elbow toward the floor and then one more time, left arm up, bend your right leg if you've got that in your arsenal, turn the palm, the left palm open, drop the hips forward, let your left knee track forward and then pull that right heel toward your seat, a lot of directions I know but, you know, we're kind of far apart so I've got to give you as many details as I can, I don't want to overload it and we only have an hour together, it's never enough time, okay, bring that right foot all the way back, drop into the hips, walk the left foot back over towards center and then we'll express ourselves one time here, big breath in, reach your arms up overhead, drop the hips and open up into cactus arms here in this low lunge, hands back down to the mat, curl the back toes, lift the right knee and step your right foot up to meet the left, bend, exhale, half lift, inhale, stay here as you exhale, keep a flat back, generous bend in the knees, hips back, straighten your right leg, bend your left, left arm, rest firmly into your left knee and calf, now peel open into another opportunity here to twist and rotate through the spine, push your right hip back, lift it up, get that length through the right side and we'll do the other side, so we get this nice little flow and rhythm here over to the left leg straight, right leg bent, twist open, tuck in that belly, good job, one more over to the other side, so twisting with a long healthy spine, taking in the moment, one more time, left arm straight, right leg bent, twist, rotate, feel it, love it, good, bring it back down, walk your feet out to the edge of the mat, turn your feet open like 45 degrees and drop your hips down into your first squat, just kind of like lean to the left and lean to the right and figure out where your limitations are, where your cranky spots are, healthy knees, healthy neutral spine, beautiful and then lifting, pushing through your heels to lift your seat up, walk your feet back toward hip width, half lift with knees bent, inhale and fold forward and down as you exhale, stretch, stretch, stretch and then inhale, rise up, standing tall with your arms up overhead, reaching, reaching, reaching and exhale the hands back to your heart, full of compassion and gratitude, let the arms come down and reach the arms out and up, take a full standing position here, I like to call this steeple pose, exhale forward and down, stretch the legs in a healthy way, half lift, inhale, exhale, walk back into your plank pose, good, remember that elbow cue, right, the eyes of your elbows, right in between, point them in between the index finger and thumb pad, come onto your toes, use your knees if that's more appropriate before you, lower down halfway, inhale for upward dog, we've been here but this is maybe a little bit bigger, inhale here, exhale from the core, downward dog, good, feel the stretch in the calves, starting to build a little heat, quality life and I think a lot of it, we're always concerned with how we feel and if we feel terrible and our body feels painful or whatever, it changes how our days are so this is worthwhile time for you, keep moving, exploring and breathing and we'll walk up to the front of the mat, half lift, inhale, fold exhale, wipe the sweat from your brow, inhale rise up, big breath in like it's your first time ever, exhale hands to heart, let the arms come down, breathe in, reach up and open, exhale forward bend, hands trace down the middle line, inhale half lift, exhale plank pose, lower yourself down, inhale upward dog and exhale downward dog, deep breath in, full breath out, good, knees are starting to open up, ankles, hips, okay now again walk up maybe keep the hands pressing firmly into the mat and you're walking, you're tiptoeing and maybe the goal is to come into a deep forward fold and you're trying to tap your feet, tap your toes on your wrists which is really hard to do, half lift, inhale and fold exhale, rise up, breathe in and breathe out hands back to the heart, breathe in, reach the arms down out and up and exhale forward and down, inhale half lift and exhale plank pose, lower yourself down, inhale upward and exhale downward, good. Now from here you're going to move yourself into plank and draw your right knee to your right elbow with a sharp fierce exhale, so breathe in, exhale breathe in, step it back, left side now, downward dog, right side exhale, left exhale, right exhale, keep going so you're coming into downward dog every single time as you inhale and as you move into your plank pose you bring the knee in with your exhale, a couple more, a couple more means five on each side, let's go, five, five, exhale four, exhale four, exhale three, exhale three, exhale two, exhale two, exhale one, exhale one, downward dog right leg lifts, inhale right foot to the front of your mat, yes set your plant your feet, set your feet to rise for high lunge adjustment time, arms reach up, powerful, strong and relaxed, focused clarity of mind as you begin to practice and deepen into the sequence right, the mind starts to clear and feel these little shifts, nice, let's take a little side stretch here so the right hand on the right thigh and a very nice stretch up and over to the right, you might feel this through the left thigh, through your hip flexors as your psoas runs up into your belly area, okay that's nice, now back to neutral, both arms up, inhale, exhale the hands to your heart, lean forward, now you can get really long and extended through the spine okay, get long and strong through the left leg, inhale reach your left arm forward lengthening through the spine and exhale pull in through the belly and hook your left elbow across your right thigh, okay see how you feel there and then palms together, significant twist here, do your absolute best, stay connected to the breathing, sometimes it's really nice to take yourself so far in a healthy way so that your mind actually just kind of fades off and you're focusing on maybe the difficulty of the pose, the challenge of the pose, okay come back out, right leg burning, arms reach up and as you reach up you straighten out the right leg for a moment, bring the hands back to the heart, I'm gonna lean back just a little bit on the mat, warrior three okay so we get some balance into this practice, hands to the heart, lean toward the right leg and lift that left foot up, use a wall if you've got one, you need one, level the hips so left hip draws down toward the floor keep your chest up spine long, you can bend your right leg and your left leg so it looks a little something like this or you can stand your right leg and extend your left leg, work strength through that left foot, keep the breath flowing, remember the strength, this is something we're working on so that fatigue you're feeling, push through your right heel, push through your right heel, now right leg bends, step back into high lunge, arms reach up breathe in and breathe out hands back down to the mat, step back into plank, bring your knees down for a moment, let's get back into those push-ups okay, so you're gonna push back into child's pose, inhale through table and all the way down or halfway down and then push back up into child's pose, so 10 times, inhale exhale, exhale push back three, inhale exhale four, exhale five, exhale six, exhale seven, keep the tone belly here, eight, nice, 10, good downward dog, okay walk it out a little bit, left leg lifts, breathe in, step it up to the front of the mat as you breathe out, wiggle around, get your footing, get your foundation, then you rise up as you breathe in okay, this is the upright position so make sure here you feel good before you do anything else, so left hand on the left thigh, reach the right arm up, reach the right arm up and take that little side bend, just see if you can access through some little very specific movements for you, that side bend, that lengthening, that opening, maybe that releasing, positive attitude wins, I promise you, come out of that, take both arms up, breathe in, hands tracked to the heart, breathe out, lean your body forward, remember that long spine and your level hips, I'm going to lean back just a little bit, okay now reach the right arm forward like you're trying to shake someone's hand way out in front of you, right now on your exhale pull the belly in and hook that right elbow across your left thigh, pull your belly in a little bit carve out some space a lot going on here, you've got breathing, the lunge, the twist, the purpose, the intention, the present moment, there's a lot, come back out, rise up, breathe in, we'll flow right into warrior three, hands back to the heart, bend your right leg and then launch up, warrior three can look like a little mini lunge also if you're struggling with your balance, lean forward if you're lifting, lengthen the spine, drop the right hip, fire through your right toes or your right heel and breathe, push through the left heel as well, maybe that left buttocks is burning possibly, step back into high lunge, reach up, breathe in, breathe out hands back down to the mat, step back into plank pose, pause here, pause in plank you can do this from your knees but let's go for 30 seconds and get like the heart rate up a little bit, I've got my watch right here, ready? Right knee, left knee, right knee, left knee, back and forth and you can start to run it out a little bit and coordinate your breath with it, that's 10 seconds, little mountain climber action here, feels good to get the heart rate up, good job, 10 seconds to go maybe run it out, run it out, run it out, make sure you're breathing alright, 5, 4, 3, 2, downward dog, take a nice deep breath in here and exhale everything out, beautiful, walk your feet forward, forward bend, half lift inhale and fold exhale, inhale rise up and exhale hands to the heart, keep on moving, inhale bring your arms up overhead, wipe the sweat out of your eyeball and exhale, forward and down, inhale half lift and plank pose, shoot back, step back, meander back, lower yourself down, inhale upward, strong arms, open chest, open heart, downward dog, ground your left heel as far down toward the mat as you can, lift your right leg up, open the right hip, play around in that hip a little bit, come up onto your right fingertips, oh boy, some of these areas in the body deserve to be seen, now if you stay here, it's lovely, you might even reach that right foot back behind you, flip the dog, right leg is bent, left leg straighten it out and then push through the hips, reach the right arm up and back behind you, make sure your left arm is healthy and strong and stable, lower the hips, bend the left leg a little bit, come back over to three-legged dog, inhale, one time knee to elbow, inhale and warrior two, back heel down and then it's like this reverse cartwheel kind of action, yeah, okay warrior two, sometimes you just can't help it, you know you're doing this and you probably felt it, those moments where you just feel like the blood is pumping, the heart, the hormones, your body, it just feels good to be alive, right? So if I express that, it's because I'm literally feeling it and I want to be able to kind of express that to you and if you don't get it, if I don't express it, it's okay, I'm still feeling it, warrior two, that's my little bit, sorry, okay, now extended side angle, right forearm, rest right down on your right thigh, this is my favorite option, okay but make sure your right shoulder doesn't collapse into your head, left arm reaches high now, okay, you can also take that left, turn your left palm forward toward the front of your mat and then extend it up alongside your ear, you can bring your right fingertips toward the floor if that seems to kind of like enhance the pose for you, you're going to push through your right heel like crazy to push up into reverse, peaceful, exalted warrior, so many names, oh nice and you're going to straighten out the front leg, I'm going to keep a long stance for this triangle, you can shorten it if you'd like, straighten the right, a little micro bend I find helpful in the right leg, then push through your big toe mound like crazy, like you're trying to rotate your thigh muscles toward the midline, boom, okay, now reach long through the right arm, right fingertips to the right shin or ankle or floor and then the left arm high and breathe here, got some shivering spots, muscles are like yo what's going on dude, okay, now bend, that's a fantastic pose, triangle pose, man that feels good, bend the right leg, reverse, reach up and back, inhale and exhale, windmill the arms to the mat, step back into plank, pause and plank, bring your left forearm down and your right forearm down, walk your toes forward, push your chest back towards your toes, dolphin pose, so it's downward dog but up on your forearms or down on your forearms, heels might be a little higher than downward dog, that's fine don't worry about that, put a little bend in your knees and push your seat up and your chest towards your toes, good strengthening pose for your arms and upper back, core, walk your right foot back, left foot back, forearm plank, now right forearm is parallel with the front of the mat, shoot your heels over to the right, stack your feet or stagger, lift your hips, left arm high, very nice, admire your left arm, admire how your hand moves, roll your wrists a little bit, lift your hips, hold and breathe, let's try the other side, now I'm going to be facing the other way but I can still see you, that sounded mean or threatening, not at all, left forearm parallel with the front of the mat, lift your hips, lift that right arm open, find that balance of like effort and strength and challenge with like peace, I'm peaceful and grounded in the experience, I'm working on myself each and every moment, back over to your forearm plank, I'm going to hold here for 30 seconds starting now, you can close your eyes, firm through your abdominals, your thighs, maybe an intention now comes up, why am I doing this, why, I want to feel good, I want to feel strong and capable, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, walk back up on the plank, downward dog, good job, same thing as we did on the other side, left leg up, try to ground that right heel a bit, left leg up, open your hip, come up on the left fingertips possibly, play here or flip it, right arm, really important, shoot the right leg straight, left leg bent, push through the left heel and lift your hips and open yourself up, left arm is reaching up and back behind you and you can kind of just let it kind of collapse, lower the hips, slide the right foot over to the right side of the mat and then come back up, exhale from three-legged dog, knee to elbow, inhale it back up, warrior 2, back heel down, open the hips, reverse cartwheel thing, right, warrior 2, I can wipe all the sweat off and you don't see me, got a little heat going today, I love it, alright warrior 2, left leg bent 90 degrees, left knee toward the left pinky toe, right, ground into the outer edge of your right foot while straightening your right leg a lot, hips, core engaged, shoulders lined up over your hips, now left forearm rest gently on the left thigh but remember don't collapse the left ear toward the left shoulder, keep a lot of space there, peel the right arm up, right palm in the direction of the front of your mat, this helps with rotating the shoulder a bit and then reach the right arm up alongside your ear, your right ear, extended side angle, push through the bones of your feet, roll your wrists, your full complete attention to what's going on in your body, back up through peaceful warrior, big long stance I've got for triangle so see if you can stay with it or shorten it, straighten the front leg a bit, remember the big toe mound, rotate your left quads toward midline, reach through the left arm, extend the side body, left fingertips toward the floor, ankle, shin, right arm high, triangle, trikonasana, really important to keep those feet firing downward so that the muscles in the legs respond in a way that provides safety, stability, reverse warrior, bend the left leg, reach up, up, up, up, up, up and away and exhale back into warrior two, now I'm going to switch myself around, okay so my left leg is forward, now I'm going to straighten out the left, point my toes toward you, we've got three things to do, three things, first is a wide leg forward bend, bend the knees, push the hips back, forward and down, a little recovery for the leg, open your toes out a bit, so put a little angle on those feet of yours and you can start to use your hands and give yourself a little support as you bend into the right leg and you bend into the left, so you've got hamstrings with the forward fold, then with the side lunge you start to feel the hamstrings and maybe groin a bit, good work, okay back to the forward fold, bend the knees, come up for a moment, good job, now we're going to do this hands free just five on each side but nice and slow, hands can go out in front of you or hands in a prayer like position at your heart, push your hips back, bend your right leg, it's like you're trying to sit way back behind your right heel, good, now push through the right heel to launch up, good, now the left side, inhale over to the right, exhale by pushing through the right heel up, inhale to the left, push up, inhale to the right, push, nice, this is three, so we have two on each side, inhale, inhale, exhale, good job, inhale, exhale, exhale, good, now walk your feet a little closer, bend your knees a little bit, hands on your thighs, draw your right shoulder forward, your left, so your left shoulder as your legs are bent, left shoulder draws forward and then down in the direction of your right foot, you get this little twist in shoulder rotation, you go back and forth, this is a nice little recovery, okay, now the fun starts, wrists are good, I'm going to face the front of the mat, my mat where I'm always facing and the feet are about hip width, I'm going to lift my heels, squat down, plant the palms, grow, alright so from this position you can even take a wider position of your legs, remember the inside the thumb and index finger, ground there, elbows pointing toward that direction, alright now lean yourself forward, place your knees on your elbows, triceps are way up by your shoulders, look forward, lean forward and lift and hold tight through the core and you can bring it back down and you can say hooray for me or if you didn't do it because you were a little afraid you're going to give it a shot now or maybe another time but let's try it one more time, lean forward, place the knees on the arms, push the arms into the legs, legs into the arms, lean yourself forward, hold tight through the core for five, four, three, two and squat, good job, bring those feet out nice and wide, sit low, press the elbows into the thighs and lift your chest, okay lean forward and come onto your seat just like that, how are we doing, doing alright, alright good, so from here you've done these before most likely if you've been with me, rotations, arms out in front of you, legs bent, reach over and back behind you with the left but reach forward with the right and twist and exhale, twist over to the right and twist over to the left and exhale to the right, keep the legs bent, feet grounded or heels grounded, toes up, we'll rotate one more to the right, one more to the left, good, back to center, now you should bring your hands back behind you a bit, bring those legs tight into the body, sit up on those sit bones of yours and then with this pike position grab hold of the hamstrings and lift the feet, good so you want to really pull those legs in and chest up, spine is neutral and long, now your toes, let's actually push through the big toe mound and flex through the ankles, stay here or release the hands, legs bent or legs straight, boat pose, breathe, five, four, three, two and bring the feet down, bottoms of the feet together, walk your sit bones back so you sit up nice and tall, momentary bound angle pose, so hold onto the feet, lift the chest, inhale and exhale, fold gently forward and release like it's as if you're just releasing in the safest way all into the effort, you can even place your palms up toward the sky as a gesture of surrender, nice long soothing breaths, roll back up, shoot the right leg straight out, left foot inner right thigh, I always find this forward fold to be a little more appealing for me personally and exhale over the straight leg or slightly bent over that right leg and same quality you just had in bound angle, so now you've really got the opportunity to connect to the breathing, connect to a passive yet meaningful stretch sensation, thoughts are going to start to roll in, management of thoughts, come back up, take your right foot out to a little bit of an angle and then reach the right hand in the direction of the right big toe or ankle or shin, whatever is available and then take that left arm, reach it nice and high and maybe you can kind of reach that left hand up and over in the direction of your right foot, so you get this really lovely side bend, maybe you don't get stuck there right, you come out of it, you reach up and back, so left hand is back behind you, you reach your right arm up and back and then you exhale, reach long to the right foot, left arm up and over, one more time up and back, left hand plants behind you, right arm reaches up and then you exhale, lengthen through the right side of the body, grab hold of the foot if you can, left arm open, chest and shoulder open and stretch that side body, nice back up to neutral, good job, single leg forward fold on this side now, so left leg is straight, right foot, inner left thigh and exhale to a new experience, left side might feel a little more open, more available, maybe it has more pain, maybe you've battled with some sciatica in the past and you're battling with it now and it doesn't feel great to forward fold, so you need to manage that, okay, now we'll do those little side bend flow things, right, so the left foot over to the left, right foot stays to the inside the lap, let's reach up and back with the left arm, plant the right hand to get a little side bend and then when you push up, reach up through that left fingertips and out in the direction of the left foot, reach the right arm high and grab a little side bend, this one does not feel as awesome as the other side, so I'm going to manage it, right, then I'm going to come out, so why don't we come out together, reach up and back and we'll revisit it, now exhale, reach up, right arm high and you stretch and reach to the foot, you don't have to touch the foot, you can keep that right arm high and you just kind of flirt with reaching and you're going to get some length at the right side, one more time up and back, breathe in and then breathe out, side bend stretch, got to keep it simple with these names, right, side bend stretch, intense, side bend stretch, good job, back up, one more counter, good job, okay, now there are a zillion things we can do, but I want to just finish off with one twist and a rest, but this twist is a little different, so it's a twist with some lovely shoulder movement, so lie down on your back and extend the left leg out straight, come on to your left hip, I'm actually going to move my shorts a little bit so I can do this, reach the right, so twist over like you're coming into a spinal twist, right, that right knee crosses the body and it doesn't need to touch, just bring it over comfortably and then the left arm reaches out, okay, now reach the right arm up and over to like high five the left, so you're actually lifted up and over and you're reaching and stretching out the upper back, you've got a little spinal twist happening, right, now the move is to take the right hand and fingertips and trace a line up and back behind you while keeping the twist, you can even place your left hand on your right thigh like circle back, good and then high five, circle back with that right arm, high five, give yourself a high five for showing up, you know what I'm talking about, reach up and back, oh man the shoulder, the chest and then you can take the left hand on the right thigh and kind of deepen that spinal twist a little bit more, okay, now release slowly back out to like a neutral position, we'll do it on the other side, okay, so you slide the hips over to the left, extend your right leg straight, draw your left leg in and over to the right, so we get the twist set first and maybe even just like, oh feel that out a bit, that actually feels pretty incredible for me, right arm reaches out, left palm meets right palm and you can see if you look, I'm really reaching over and stretching out the upper back, keeping the twist, left arm reaches up and back behind like I'm drawing a half circle and then over palm to palm, circle up and back, one more time, left palm to right, circle circle, so when you circle back your palm is facing up, let's stay in the twist for a few moments, right hand heavy on the left thigh, look toward the left, man, slowly come out exiting those twists, it's important, right, mindful, okay, so find yourself on the center of the mat, we've got a couple more minutes together, so draw the bottoms of your feet together, let your knees open up out wide, alright, make sure your low back feels good, rest your hands maybe on your ribs or your heart or heart and belly, connect to your breath for a few moments, your heartbeat, your intention, you kind of circle back to that, take a deep breath with a big smile on your face, doing some work, right, it doesn't just happen and there's no quick hack to it, can't just do a five minute thing to get the goals you want generally, right, if you want to master your body, master your mind, master your life, you got to put in the time and that's what you did today, I'm so happy to be a part of it, so thank you for having me, stretch those legs out, get a big long overhead stretch, point through the toes of the heels and reach your arms way back behind you, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, good, rest your arms down by your body, palms facing up, take a full breath in, exhale everything out, soft eyes, the reward is relaxation for now, then you start to feel the rewards throughout the day and throughout the week and you start to make these shifts and changes that you don't really know where you're coming from, they're coming from you spending quality time with yourself on your mat, sneaky, it's a sneaky beneficial practice, so practice, practice, practice and all will come, let go of every muscle in your body for a moment, let it all go, just and before we roll up, one more hand on the heart, one more on the belly like a pledge, right, pledge to yourself something meaningful for just the rest of the day, I choose to live this way the rest of the day from a place of love, from a place of gratitude, I'm stronger than I think I am and give myself credit for that, whatever it is and then seal it, bring the hands to the heart, roll over onto your right side and then right up to sit and I'll spin around and regain seal at heart, thumbs meet the forehead, just feels nice, I really appreciate you being here, peace, grounded living happiness to you for sure from me, thank you, thank you, thank you, namaste.


Christel B
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I’m enjoying the energetic dynamics of your flow with the intermittent strength building repetitions.
Eric M
1 person likes this.
Just got back from 7 hours of driving, this was just what I needed! Thank you Robert Sidoti 
Lina S
1 person likes this.
I've really loved the flow and the variety of strength building exercises.

1 person likes this.
Marvelous. Liked the high fives at the end in our spinal twists. Thanks for your very down to earth presence in these videos.
Jenny S
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This was hard work on a humid New England day, but your enthusiasm was contagious (in a GOOD way lol). In fact, you seemed so positive I kept waiting for you to break out the “Best Day Ever!” pose 😅. Thanks for the good vibes!
Andrea G
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This was just what I needed. Thank you
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Christel !! I’m glad these practices are feeling good for you! 
Robert Sidoti
Awesome to hear Eric - driving for long periods can be rough on the body!  Nice to have you here! 
Robert Sidoti
Good to hear Lina !! I’m a huge fan of this type of practice, it’s benefited me for so many years, grateful to offer here on Yoga Anytime and to friends like you :)) 
Robert Sidoti
Hi Shawn :)) Thanks so much for being here and for your comment - Glad the virtual high fives are felt and welcomed! 
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