Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Core Tune Up

60 min - Practice


Live as intentionally a life as possible. Robert leads us in a careful but spicier practice focused on the core and back muscles. We continue to work on mobility, flexibility, and strength throughout the entire body, finding opportunities to loosen effort, play, and smile. You will feel strong and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat

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The core was tough for me, but I ended up being able to hold my longest crow in my practice so far! What a difference it made. Thanks for the great class!
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What a great challenging class.  I too had more success with crow than usual.  Thanks!
Great class.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from Niagara Falls, Canada
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Didn’t think my abs would be soar. They were lol
Hey there Hannah and corinne !! I love hearing that you had more success than usual in crow pose - a pose that can be very difficult for several reasons. Thanks for sharing with me (us) here! 
Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU Lise !! A pleasure practicing with you here! Never been to Niagra Falls, gotta get there sometime soon!! 
That's good to hear Lauri - always a good feeling when the ole core feels a little sore :)) Sometimes it's difficult to work them effectively, so glad you found them so to speak! Thanks for practicing with me here, see you again soon I hope! 
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Thank you for your revigorating class! I like the idea of repeating a mantra while breathing. Core work is often related to willpower (to have the guts to do something. It's a good way to warm up. Thank you.
Hey there Lina S !! Thank you for practicing and sharing your comment! I too think mantra connected to breathing AND core work are valuable - so glad you appreciated them :)) 

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