Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Grounded and Expansive

60 min - Practice


Join Robert for an all-round full-body flow class, with an emphasis on twisting and rotating through the spine. We begin seated focusing on the breath, then warm and open the body in seated and standing stretches, move dynamically to experience the strength and stability in the arms, back, core, and legs, and deepen into the movements of a healthy spine. You will feel grounded and expansive.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you Robert. I caught that cheeky prompt for Eagle bind, amazing! What a great workout!
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Hello Robert in the Far East from me in the far West where hurricane Douglas is about to make landfall! 
I liked your spicy analogy about not pushing it too far.
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Thank you!!!
Hi Christel ! How are you? You must be out west in Hawaii?? How is the hurricane situation? Hope you and everyone there is safe! Yes, for me the spicy analogy works well :) 
No no no Laura  - Thank YOU!! :)  Hope your day is beautiful! 
So glad you enjoyed Eric !! Have a great day!
Oh Robert, this was glorious! Loved all these strong revolved postures with dynamic movement. Feel strong, bright, energised, amazing.
Thank-you Robert. I have struggled to maintain yoga sessions before, but your words of wisdom and positivity made a real difference to me. Love the core work :)

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