Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Stable Heart Opening Flow

60 min - Practice


Enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of back bending and heart opening in this satisfying practice. We begin with a seated breath exploration before moving into an investigation of the 5 movements of the spine with supportive core work. You will feel spacious and stable.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you for the "Stable Heart Opening Flow" episode. You give such good instructions ie, pickle jar for strong hands.  I appreciate every moment of it.
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A great class. I like the idea of opening to new possibilities.
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Thank you!! So good!
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Wonderful class. I’ve enjoyed taking many of your classes Robert. As someone also “unbendy” I appreciate your candor and encouragement. Very helpful. Hope you are doing well in .....Martha’s Vineyard I believe.
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And yes I also loved the pickle jar analogy! My name is Rich btw.
Glad you enjoyed the practice Lise !! We can always use a little (or a lot) of heart opening :)) 
Hi Lina !! 'Opening to new possibilities' - glad that resonates with you. I feel it's important to stay open to new opportunities, possibilities and experiences - and to say yes more often:) 
Thank YOU Laura for being here and for your comment! So happy it felt gooood - Have a great day!! 
Hey there iOS - Rich!! I appreciate you practicing with me (us) here! Such a great way to connect with lovely people such as yourself from all over! I am living on Martha's Vineyard, very beautiful place to call home! Where are you? See you soon! 
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I’m in Los Angeles but remember visiting Martha’s Vineyard and the Cape as a kid. I’ve been doing yoga for almost 25 years (you’d think I would be a lot better!) and you’re one of the best teachers I’ve had (or seen). I like your relaxed, inclusive style. Enjoy the Vineyard. We’re sheltering in place here with our kids and grandkids.
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