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Season 2 - Episode 3

Full Body Flow with Wade

60 min - Practice


Do it all in this playful full body flow. Kira’s guest, Wade, leads us through warming sun salutes, flowing standing postures to open and strengthen the body exploring all of the movements of the spine, and balancing poses to feel the leg power, wobble, and have fun. We close in a sweet seated meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Brilliant, Wade, just brilliant! So happy to find you in the LIVE episodes! This really felt wonderful. Be well, and thank you for reaching out into the universe with your inspired teaching: )
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Kate Yes its been such a fun change to be LIVE and know that people like you get to practice with me at the same time, feels more connected and fun! Thanks for staying in touch its always so nice to get a message from you!
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Fantastic, fun practice...and the glute massage? 😱 OMGoddess! That was a game changer!
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Jenny yeah! Glad you liked the glute massage, why not right!!!
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Just loved this flow and your inspirational ending words.
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lovely! so fresh!

Thanks Shawn hope your week is going well!!
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Thank you Christel so nice to hear from you! Loved being on Kira's show! 
Thanks, Wade, for this great and creative practice! Namaste! 🌞
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Hi Sandra Židan I am so happy you got to join us on this flow and were feeling it!
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