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Season 2 - Episode 4

Summer Bliss with Melina

60 min - Practice


Stay cool with this blissful self-care practice designed just for the summer months. Move slowly and dynamically through seated stretches to find space in the body, core work to strengthen and create heat, standing poses to access playfulness and creativity, balancing postures to stay focused and centered, and cooling forward folds and breathing practices. You will feel strong, calm, and cool in the heat of summer.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Excellent Melina. I did this one live, and then did it again a month later. Thank you so much for being here. 
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An hour of loving kindness = what everyone needs right now ❤️ loved this, love all your practices Melina, with their soothing and dynamic movements combined with practical advice. PS to Kira: thank you for the intros to the guest yogis in these series. Your conversations really bring us viewers into a more intimate relationship with our teachers for the forthcoming practices. LOVE it 😍
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I appreciate you both and am grateful for your continued support. (insert heart here!)
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What lovely lassies! ----what a blissful session. As i sat so peacefully at the end, for some reason I "heard" Doris Day sing ----"que sera sera whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see, que sera sera" It actually made me burst out laughing!
Thank you Melina - though it isnt full moon today , I think this could be a go to practice for the next full moon
Have a beautiful day!
Michelle ~ Thank you for your sweet note, made me smile thinking of you over there singing! I hope you return to this practice again and have the same results! Take care and stay healthy!
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This was such a great practice for this Saturday morning after a tough week of working on video calls and in California with all the heat, fires, and smoke. I feel more stable, grounded, calm, and cool. Thank you!
Thank you very much, Melina, for this beautiful practice! It was a pleasure for me to do yoga with you! Kind regards!
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Melina: I thought all week about your comment about the ashtanga men doing gymnastic back cracks. I used this practice after doing Lydia's new primary series Ashtanga (her digital studio). I also rode 60 miles. I answered your question: "how many times do you practice"? The answer came in as not enough. I beat my body up for years without this kind of self-care, not realizing I could gain larger fitness (and now yogic breadth) with this kind of movement. Pushing the leg away during the twist: game-changer!  Your deeply meditative and innovative practices feed my journey. Namaste and I hope you take some great pictures this weekend. PS: Your dining room table looks just like ours.  

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