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Season 2 - Episode 9

Feel and Share the Support

60 min - Practice


Receptivity is the key to generosity. Find space and freedom in the body in standing stretches and shakes, fluff the prana in Palm Prana Press, feel into holds in standing postures to open up the trust of the legs, sprinkling mudras throughout, before making our way to the floor for seated meditation. You will feel supple and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Okay, we're almost getting ready, so for today's practice, have something that you like to sit on for meditation. I have a blanket because my knee likes a little bit of support. We're going to start standing. We're going to open up the trust of the legs, open up the subtle receptivity of the hands and the heart, bring that to a seat, and then take it through a couple backbends. So we'll start with a couple easy arm circles, a la Eric Schiffman.

So step one of your feet forward and let the opposite arm start to swing back and forth. Okay, just kind of easy, breezy, lemon-peasy. You know, you can start to coordinate with your breath, letting an inhale reach your arm up, letting an exhale draw it back, letting an inhale reach your arm up, letting an exhale draw it back, and just depending on the shoulder joint that you're working with today, this might be enough, reaching and letting it come back, and only if your shoulder joint is willing and you get a sense of, yeah, that would be fun. Up, back, and over, and up, back, and over, and up, back, and over. Do that a couple more times.

Okay, you can't really do this wrong, okay, and then maybe reverse, whoa. This is good practice, you know, if you've ever found yourself suddenly being asked to throw the ball with a young person, you'll wish you had done a couple of these. Okay, all right, pause, shake it out a little bit. Notice the results, big delivered inhale, exhale, let it happen, nice, okay, other side. Good foot forward, and just start with the swings, again, just to give a shout-out like Schiffman, gosh, we all, I was talking the other day with a friend, just missing him, right?

Up and back, up and back, let it be easy, and let it be appropriate for your shoulder. I like to kind of reach, and then let it come back, and reach, and let it come back, only if your shoulder says yes, then maybe let it come all the way up and around, nice, all the way up and around. Make this your own, obviously, obviously, that's always the thing, you know, to realize your interconnectedness, but also your specificity and uniqueness, both are true, in fact, they, that realization really occurs at the same time, okay, maybe reverse it if you haven't already, yeah, nice, okay, slowly let that resolve, pause, shake it out a little bit, big delivered inhale, exhale, let it happen, and just to continue our homage to Schiffy, we'll do the Hokey Pokey, those of you that have hung with me for a little bit, know I love this one, so start with one of your hands, and just start to kind of like shake it out, like really let that wrist flop around a little bit, like that, yeah, and then start to bring it up into your whole arm, so let the arm kind of hang, and I like to kind of round over and lean, and really let it like, you got to really kind of like, you got to free yourself up from the notion that you shouldn't jiggle, jiggle, the fat is where the like, the goodness is, right, the fat is where the feelings, and the emotion, and the sweetness are, you got to let that like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, like, I mean, what would a meal be without a little bit of butter, okay, let that relax, feel the effect, so nice, okay, other side, flop, flop, flop, yes, let it come up into the arm, I'd like to hand kind of hang over, you can't again, you can't really do this wrong, I'm noticing like you might be noticing like, you know, when you come across those areas that don't jiggle so easily, that's information, yeah, yeah, okay, nice, let that relax, pause, big deliberate inhale, exhale, feel the effect of that, okay, now if your balance isn't happening so great today, maybe put your hand on something, lean up something, kind of root through one foot and stick the other foot in and start to shake it out, start with your ankle, let it come up into your knee, up into your thigh, I'm going to, it helps me to stick my leg out to the side and lean and balance, yeah, oh, beautiful, let that foot come back down to the floor, inhale, exhale, let it, nice, most of you have one more limb, okay, like ankle, up through the knee, up through the thigh, you might lean over a little bit, shake it out, yeah, beautiful, gorgeous, okay, let that foot come back down, big deliberate inhale, let it happen, so nice, interlace your fingers, palm facing towards you, go forward with the arms and go up, go up out through there, now let one knee bend and kind of lean away from the bent knee leg, so I'm bending my right knee and leaning over to the left, I'm not sure, these technologies sometimes mirror and flip you, sometimes not, so I'm not sure, beautiful, inhale back center, other side, bend the knee and lean, beautiful, come back to center, release the arms, rotate your shoulders forward, interlace your hands, bend the knees, chest to the thighs, head drops, let the arms reach up out and over, gorgeous, let the hands come back to your hips, down towards the legs, let the knees bend, chin into the chest and slow, let yourself roll all the way up, belly, heart, throat, face, yeah, let's do that again, interlace, weird knuckle on top, turn the palms forward, go up, bend one knee, lean away from that bent knee, so you're kind of like leaning to the side that you're sticking the hip out on, yeah, you know, bring it back up to center, other side, lean, lean, beautiful, bring it back up to center, release the arms, rotate the shoulders forward, bring the hands behind you, weird knuckle on top, wiggle, bend the knees, chest to the thighs, head drops, gorgeous, bend the knees, hands come back to the hips, hands release down towards the earth, chin into the chest and slow, let yourself roll all the way back up, belly, heart, throat, and face, yeah, okay, we're going to make our way into the palm prana press, most of you know this, separate your feet a little bit, hip distance, big deliberate inhale, exhale, let it happen, and soften the knees, yeah, inhale your arms out to the side, soften the elbows a little bit, so your shoulders can roll back and down, and with your shoulders back and down, begin to experience ability to reach out through your arms, yes, feel each finger, feel the pinky ring, middle index and thumb, gorgeous, feel that sense of extension, now flex the hands so you're turning your fingertips back and towards your face, yeah, spread the fingers wide again, and this can feel a little twingy, so sometimes you need to bend the elbows again, drop the shoulders, and then re-extend, now keep that extension, turn the hands so that you're turning your fingers behind you, yeah, as you turn your fingers behind you, then turn the fingers down towards the earth and pull them in, yeah, feel that ability to pull that in, gorgeous, now keep reaching, yeah, let a little bit of a happen, feel it through the pinky ring, middle index thumb, couple more beats, ah, the play here, what we're hoping to do is really start to connect this, the heart with the hands, because as we want to find some subtle receptivity, it can be sometimes easier to feel through the hands than the heart, okay, last few beats, turn the fingertips back up, soften the elbows, roll the shoulders back and down, and re-extend, yeah, okay, now from here, let the elbows start to bend, let the hands start to face towards each other, let the hands feel soft, fluffy, okay, eyes, let your eyes be downcast, easy, soft, so that as you start to let the hands come towards each other, as you start to let the hands come towards each other with the hands really soft, really sensitive, sometimes you can catch the gentle force of your own prana here, and it can help to fluff it a little bit, so if you start to catch that feeling tone, some of you might know this is chi, prana, juju, whatever your word is, if you catch that feeling tone, you can kind of fluff the situation, yeah, like let yourself be slightly amazed, this is like essential to this, as like we can't always see everything that's here, nice, now maintain that quality that you have, and let's check in offering mudra, elbows are in and turn the prana, turn the hands up, like okay, so we can call this offering mudra, there's this mutual receptivity and offering, so it's not, you're not just a server, you're also receive, a receiver, yeah, a couple more beats here, see if you can like soften the knees a little bit, let a bit of a happen, this is key for our practice today, and just notice like, notice how you can, you can pay more attention to one hand, so like bring more awareness to your left palm, and then bring more attention to your right palm, and like notice how you can kind of go back and forth here, there's, it can be a sort of a sense of a slinky situation, yes, okay, beautiful, let your hands come down to your legs, tadasana, okay, so let's bring this sensitivity in the hands to a few standing postures to help open up the trust of the legs, so separate your feet wide, yeah, turn, I'm just going to say left foot, but you know, because that's my left foot, but I'm not mirroring you perhaps, but turn one of your feet away, turn the other foot in, set yourself up for success, make sure you're set up for your warrior two stance, and then let that front leg draw straight, let that front left leg draw straight, draw the right sit bone, so the back sit bone under, just a little bit, just to help your pelvis hold more water, inhale, reach your arms up, we're going to dance with this, about five rounds, exhale and open, nice, inhale, come on back up, and exhale, open, yeah, three more like this, inhale, come on up, exhale and open, two more, inhale, inhale, exhale open, last one, inhale, exhale open, super nice, inhale, come on back up, exhale hands on the waist as you transition your feet, other side, take your time to organize, kind of, you might just make sure things are in alignment as you're ready, inhale arms up, exhale and open, yes, four more like this, inhale, and exhale, and inhale, and exhale, two more, inhale, exhale, one more, yeah, really nice, inhale, come all the way back up, exhale, hands on the waist, now we're going to offer ourselves to the shape a little bit longer, and while we could suggest that you're holding it a little longer, the invitation here is can you feel yourself be held, so three dancing warriors, inhale arms up, exhale and open, two more, inhale up, exhale and open, one more round like this, and then we're going to be with the shape, exhale and open, so as you open now let that happen, that same kind of feeling we've been feeling in tadasana, so spread the toes a little bit, relax your jaw, try turning your elbows open, like drop your shoulders, turn your elbows forward, let your palms turn up, soften the mouth, and can you remember that quality in the palms we found earlier with that offering mudra, and can you start to sense and start to really be open to do, how truly supported you really might be, yeah a couple more beats, really nice, let it in now, bring you all the way back up, exhale, turn that back foot in, hands on the waist, turn that, for me it's my right foot, turn the other foot away from you, draw that back sit bone under just a little bit, that's just this, it's a small little alignment thing that might be useful, inhale the arms up, exhale open, we'll do this three times total, inhale up, exhale and open, one more like that, inhale up, exhale and open, and as you open, like really open, soften the shoulders, elbows turn forward, palms turn up, key in any relationship to feel supported, absolutely key to feel supported is to be vulnerable to the support, like tension, our inner tensions, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, our inner tensions are one of the ways we artificially create a sense of being supported, we support ourselves through our tension, and so to feel supported, to feel held, open up and through the palms requires a willingness to drop a little bit of that, not so easy, really only possible to drop that once you touch that something else has you, so it's a little chicken in the egg, last few moments, hop in the hands, super nice, okay inhale bring it back up, exhale hands come to the waist, turn the toes in, if your stance got a little bit away from you, shorten it, inhale here, exhale slide the hands down the legs, hold on to the ankles and begin to kind of just lean a little bit from side to side, like just feel how you can kind of lean your hips one direction, lean the hips the other, feel how that like lets the inner thighs know you care, some of you might start to bend one knee a little bit or bend the other knee a little bit, just just kind of let that feel good, side to side, side to side, beautiful, so nice, bring your hands underneath your shoulders, now begin to toe heel your feet in towards a little bit closer, about a little bit wider than the hips for malasana, drop the hips down, walk your hands forward a little bit, sink into your version of malasana, let it be heavy through the sit bones, beautiful, from malasana now utta nasana, draw the sit bones up, feet point straight forward, bend the knees, hands on the legs, chin into the chest and roll it on back up, feel the belly and feel the heart and feel the throat and feel the face, yeah big deliberate inhale, exhale let it happen here, now enjoy this tadasana, so do that again, inhale, exhale let it happen, soften the knees, eyes soft or even closed, like letting your tadasana prepare you for your seated meditation, feel the support of the ground, feel that sweet soft receptivity of the heart, okay let the base of the skull widen and let the upper palate dome, yes, sharing mudra or offering mudra, you can rename this whatever you want, palms are up, receptive, like tune into this again, like let the back of your heart widen, impossible to feel generous unless you're aware of all that you're receiving, pretty much impossible, okay let the hands come together, separate your feet out wide, let's take that into a horse stance sequence, so turn your toes out, you know the old horse stance 45 degree-ish, bend your knees a couple times, bend and straighten your legs a couple times, make sure you're set up for success, so let the stance be as wide or as narrow or as suits you, okay, inhale reach the arms out and as you exhale, let a hop and let the hands come down onto the legs and wobble a little bit, use the action of your arms to help kind of roll those hips a little bit open and it can feel really good to twist and dip a little bit, so inhale and as you exhale dip your left shoulder towards your right knee, let your right elbow bend, yes, inhale bring it back up, exhale dip, right shoulder left knee, yes, inhale bring it back up, exhale dip, inhale bring it back up, exhale dip, yeah, inhale bring it back up, now here's the play big deliberate inhale, again exhale let it happen, the only way you're going to start to feel your legs are supporting you is if you start to lighten the load of the hands, so start to let the heart feel more buoyant, start to let the hands feel lighter, as the hands feel lighter and the heart feels more buoyant, let the legs have you as you come into the offering sharing mudra, palms are up, palms are up, let yourself sink in a little bit more, okay, easy in the eyes, easy in the jaw, yeah, so nice, beautiful, beautiful, gorgeous, inhale here, exhale press into the feet, come all the way up, inhale arms up, exhale forward full, keep your toes turned out, this time hands come on towards the ankles, and again for some of you simply leaning your hips back and forth might be the perfect amount, because as you lean to one side you can kind of dip your shoulder in again, lean to the other side dip that opposite shoulder in, only if your hips knees would feel good about it, start to lean your hips to the left, start to lift your left knee bend and sink in a little bit, yeah, inhale back center, exhale sink in a little bit, yeah, let yourself do this a few more times side to side, like lean and sink in, beautiful, lean and sink in, yeah, so nice, inhale eventually come back up to center, hands come underneath your face, toe heel your feet in, malasana again, squat, bend the knees, let your hands come forward, sink in, uttanasana, draw the sit bones up, turn the toes forward, bending the knees, chin into the chest, slow, let yourself roll all the way back up, feel the belly, feel the heart, feel the throat, and the face, okay, beautiful, this is our last tadasana, so inhale here, exhale let it happen, soften the knees, and like as you soften the knees, feel and allow the earth to have a little bit more of you, soft in the belly, eyes are soft, focused in front of you or closed, let the back of your heart widen, face of the skull open, let your jaw feel a little bit more slack as you let the upper back soft palate dome, yeah, sharing, offering, mudra, hands so sensitive, beautiful, beautiful, let's begin to make our way towards the earth to open up just a little bit more in the legs to prepare us for some seated meditation, inhale your arms up, exhale forward fold, let the hands come underneath your shoulders, toe heel your feet wide, beautiful, walk your hands over to the right foot, turn your right foot away, and come into the shape of the lunge, so spin up onto the ball that back left foot, this is where if your knees like a little bit of padding you might put your blanket underneath you, bend that front knee, drop that back left knee down and begin to sink in, and what I like to do here is inhale drop back a little bit, and exhale sink in, and inhale drop back a little bit, and exhale sink in, do that a few times until the front thighs like okay I'm on board, and then as you as you find it like let that hip get heavy, let the back left sit bone get heavy, let a bit of a happen, maybe roll it a little bit to one side and roll it a little bit to the other, and like see if you can let that hip really have you, gooey in the base of the skull, nice, let's be here for about another half a minute, kind in the eyes, beautiful, beautiful, yeah now the transition, as you're ready you're going to tuck the back left toes under, lift up through the back left leg, you're going to walk your hands in front of you, pivoting your feet, we're going to just make our way to the lunge on the other side, whoa see our next game, bend that left knee, let that back right knee come down to the earth, and then introduce yourself, inhale drop back, exhale sink in, inhale drop back, exhale sink in, do that a few times, and again as you're doing this you're going to be, you're kind of salting to taste, you're going to be like well I would like to move that foot out a little bit, I would like to adjust a few things, okay so eventually you're going to find the spot where it feels pretty good to sink in, and what I like to do is roll it a little bit to one side, roll it a little bit to the other, yeah, and then allow the shape to have you, yeah, commit, commit, and as you commit, the thing that is surprising about commitment is how free it makes you, yeah about another half a minute here, sink in, easy in the jaw, easy in the back of the neck, really nice, really nice, gorgeous, the difficulty with these kind of postures at home is once you're kind of in a static place at home you start to see things you didn't see, like oh wow it's kind of dusty underneath that couch, or I didn't notice there were cobwebs in that window, and like right now I'm noticing there's this nice little ant trail, and so these things like just like any thought, just like any feeling, just like any emotion, they can sort of draw you towards them, noticing isn't the problem obviously, it's making room for what you notice, yeah, okay, so we're going to make our way back to the other side for pigeon, so you're going to lift up through that back leg, and then you're going to walk yourself back around, okay, for pigeon on this side, so toe heel that right foot over, and then allow yourself to land into pigeon, okay, adjust your pigeon for you, and then you know as it feels good, maybe roll this back hip forward or bend it, just kind of depends on the pigeon you might be working with today, let a bit of a happen, okay, yeah, yeah, and then some of you might stay upright, those of you that don't know Miu, this is Miu, this is my little sweetie, he's a little over 10, some of you might come forward, soft in the belly and easy in the eyes, and back of the neck is long, yeah, we're only going to be here about a minute and a half total, something about that, gorgeous, okay, nice, slowly start to make your way back up onto your hands, now the suggestion is to transition to a downward facing dog, tuck the back toes under, draw that right foot back, and if you're a leg lifter, go ahead and lift the leg, otherwise just kind of let it feel good length, and then other side, draw the opposite for me, that's the left foot forward, left knee forward, pigeon on the other side, wiggle in there, I'm putting a blanket underneath my hip, that feels good today, sink in again, some of you might stay upright, some of you might walk it forward a little bit, easy in the belly, easy in the eye, let the shape have you, this is the thing, in order to be held one has to be willing to be held, okay, again just to say it again, the tensions we hold, whether those are physical, mental, emotional, whether they're ideas, they're a way of feeling held, every time I fold a yoga blanket my cat thinks it's for him, I'm sure all of you with cats know that situation, okay, let a bit of a happen, easy in the eyes, but it's not so easy, how do we know it's this conundrum, how do I know it's safe to let go, you don't, okay just a few more beats here, and then we're going to eventually make our way back to downward facing dog, let your hands come underneath you, let yourself come all the way back, downward facing dog, oh me, I need to change that, you're just gonna have to be a part of the scene, I'm sorry, I'm going to use my blanket underneath my hips, you may or may not like that, come forward into plank, and from plank let yourself lower, so I have the blanket right underneath my hip points, I guess I'll call them today for lack of a better anatomical phrase, let your hands come underneath your shoulders, roll your shoulders back and down, and as you roll your shoulders back and down just so gently begin to peel your heart forward a little bit, and be slightly serpentine with it, like let yourself wobble a little side to side, kind of reach back through the toes, and then eventually as it feels good start to let yourself press just a little bit more down, wiggle, like let it be easy, you're just kind of wobbling your heart up, shoulders back and down, and just let it feel good, let a bit of a happen, you know, if you're inclined to kind of roll the elbows out a little bit and press, yeah, okay inhale here, exhale lower all the way down, I like to bring the floor head to the earth and bend the knees and wobble them a little side to side, it's kind of a groovy serpentine cobra, let the legs come back down, press through the tops of the feet, roll the shoulders back and down, and just kind of start to peel your heart up a little bit, and you know, let it kind of go a little side to side as you come up, if you let it kind of go side to side, if you're willing to kind of see both sides, okay, the potential of pushing too hard, too fast in one direction reduces, so like let yourself move a little side to side and you know, turn the palms out a little bit, maybe that'll help the shoulders find their proper spot for you, and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, and give a little action Jackson, back through the feet, and let a little bit of a happen, oh my god that's pretty funny, and he found a spot, okay, so let yourself roll all the way back down, let a bit of a happen, okay, sorry Mia, and the suggestion here is to let yourself come back towards your chest, because I'm so sorry to disturb you, lean a little wobble, yeah, okay, super nice, slow, roll on up, no, the suggestion here is we're going to make our way into an easy rounded seat in preparation for your meditation, I'm going to suggest soles of the feet together, knees wide, heels, I don't know, about a foot away, foot or more away from the groin, so it's a yin style baddha konasana cobblers pose, walk your hands forward, let a bit of a happen and let yourself round, let a little bit of a happen, you know, just kind of let your back round, softening that cobra, maybe here about a minute, if it would like, if you'd like it to be a little bit more active, go for it, I'll give you a hint on the plan, the plan, of course, you know, we all know what that means, we're just gonna let this back settle and round, and then we're going to make our way into a seated meditation, and then the hope from there is that we have some time to do a couple back bends, twists and shavasana, okay, chin into the chest, roll it on back up, grab what you like to sit on, for me lately it's this little little tuffet, put whatever you need to or want to underneath a knee, yeah, hi, would you like this instead of me? Okay, it's snuggling, so the play here is can we find that same receptivity and support that we did in our tadasana, the hope is that we sit for about 10 minutes, so let's see how that goes, big deliberate inhale, exhale, let it happen and soften the belly, yeah, and do that again, big deliberate inhale, exhale, let it happen, and the play is really, there's no need to rush this part, this is part of it, it's not like ground then meditate, you're doing that now, you're letting the earth receive you, and as one of our newest teachers John Dunn says, like trust that the body knows how to sit, I love this phrase so much, trust that your body knows how to sit, I mean, without noticing, we trust that our body knows how to breathe, we trust that our heart knows how to beat, we trust that our digestion knows how to digest, and trust and then from that trust, you can feel how if you lean into that trust a little bit, if you give just the slightest rooting through the sit bones, then the there's a natural response up through the heart, the shoulders roll back and down, let your elbows be heavy as you begin to find that sharing mudra, remember that, the palms are open, but instead of keeping it in close, just let it wide and let the hands widen a little bit, yeah, you're showing everybody, let your fleas, wide in the base of the skull, slack jaw, and let that upper palate dome, so supported, trust that you're supported, good, so that it feels safe to let your heart and your hands feel more receptive, yes, we'll bring the slightest bit of technique into the beginning of our sit, this is a technique that's really been helping me, give room for the anxiety of feeling disconnected, because when we can't be connected physically, and maybe it feels tense to be connected in conversation, we can drop into where we're already and always connected, so with that sense of being supported and that easy softness in the hands, eyes are softly focused or closed, let your attention be drawn to someone in your life for whom you have very easy affection, someone who you care for quite a bit, and there's a sense on the inhale, there's a sense in the heart sometimes on the inhale that there's a a fueling of that connection, a drawing of them closer, a drawing of the two of you closer, and as you exhale gently offer this being a wish of freedom, a wish of happiness, a wish of health, whatever is appropriate. And as you start to communicate that your heart is open and available, a new being might show up, so you don't need to be in advance artificially focused on one person, it's just natural that somebody else might show up. So on the inhale you kind of draw them closer, you commune, and then as you exhale offering them, it's okay, offering them a wish of peace, a wish of happiness, of ease, soft in the jaw, easy in the eyes, and without even needing to be deliberate about it, it's likely that a relationship someone will show up with whom you have disharmony, mischief, it's just the heart is this compass, trust where she guides you here, and if and as this person shows up, if it's difficult just remember that you are supported, trust in your support, let your hands feel receptive, offering, let your heart be easy, this being two wishes for freedom and happiness, and it would probably work out better for you too if they were happy and free, so if for no other reason than for your own benefit, just stay with this maybe about another minute or two, just like just letting that little open sign be on your heart, little neon open sign, see who shows up. Yeah, I know.

Yeah, gently now for the last half minute, if you happen to be with a difficult person, then maybe allow that project to come to complete and just as like almost like a chaser, come back to somebody or maybe it's a pet who's easy, just sort of cleanse the palate a little bit, and then gently drop the project, drop the technique over the last two minutes or so, just rest in the effects. Yeah. Okay, nice, beautiful, begin to let your breath deepen, and then just slow, slow, take your time, the suggestion is to make your way out of that seat onto your back, you can move your props to the side, and as you make your way onto your back, it might feel good to hug the knees into the chest a little bit wobble, we're going to make our way into bridge, maybe a little low back release and a twist, again that's the plan, we'll see what happens. Okay, sorry dude, feet about hip distance apart, spread the toes wide, arms down along your side, palms turn up, now feel again the receptivity of your palms, I'm just gonna move my microphone to the side, feel the receptivity of your palms, inhale here, and as you exhale begin to press into the feet, draw your sit bones under and pause, trust your legs, yeah, trust is in almost all the spiritual texts I've encountered so far, which of course is not very many, because I've forgotten how to read, but inhale here, exhale, press into the feet, draw your sit bones up a little bit more, and almost all the spiritual books I've ever come across are the teachers who am I drawn to, the number one suggestion is, oh sweetheart could you please just trust a little bit more, you're soft in the throat, this might be enough for you, some of you are going to wiggle your arms underneath, you did this in the beginning, wiggle your arms underneath, maybe you're a pinky presser, maybe you're an interlacer, gooey in the back of the neck, root through the feet, let the sit bones draw up, soft in the throat, easy in the eyes, yeah, gorgeous, root a little bit more through the outer pinky pads, as you root just a little bit more through the outer pinky pads, the hips will lift, this should feel great, I'm hoping this feels great, you did a lot of external hip opening, and after that like kind of drawing things back together can feel super nice, okay, release the arms up towards the sky, round in the upper back, roll back down, upper back, mid back, low back, hips land, heels land, arms come down along your side, pause, big deliberate inhale, exhale everything, nice, beautiful, that might be enough for you but maybe another bridge, spread the toes, inhale as you exhale, press into the feet, draw your sit bones under, and as you draw your sit bones under, draw your knees forward, pause, trust your legs a little bit, begin to wiggle your arms underneath you, again you might be an interlacer but some of you might be waist supporters, that can feel so good if your particular anatomical setup allows it, root through the feet, draw the sit bones up, easy in the heart, soft in the throat, yes, gorgeous, yeah, okay, up on the balls of the feet, release your arms to the sky, roll on back down, upper back, mid back, low back, hips land, heels land, arms down by your side, big deliberate inhale, exhale everything, don't miss the after effect of a backbend, like we always joke, did the backbend feel good or did it feel good when it came out of it, okay, right ankle up on top of left thigh, roll the right hip away, draw the left thigh in and wobble, yeah, let's make our way into an eagle wrap spinal twist if that's for you, wrap that right leg around the left hook if that feels good, arms out from the side, inhale here, exhale bring everything over to the left, right palm on top of the left palm, organize and then roll this right arm back over, I like to bend the elbow because it just feels nicer in my shoulder, do what feels good for you of course, I just often like to bring that other hand to the knees, it just feels like hey I know you're there, let a bit of a happen, okay, super nice, keep the knees to the left as you unwrap and then lead with the top right leg, let her bring you back, wobble, either needle other side, left ankle up on top of right thigh, wrap, bring your hands around the back of that right thigh, let that feel good and then eagle wrap, bring everything over to the right, organize, once you're organized, left palm on top of right palm circle, let that left elbow bend, what's hard for most of us though is we're really wired to trust as long as we're sure that things are going to go our way, let a... when we're only willing to trust as long as things are going to go our way, that creates mad anxiety because then every single moment we're judging it of is this a good thing or a bad thing, is this getting me closer to what I want or further away from what I want, let all happen and then every little thing gets measured and we miss out on the wonderment of the of the play we're in, yeah, I'm not in any way suggesting that it's simple to let that mechanism go, it's part of how we're designed, okay unwrap, lead with the top left leg, let it come back and wobble, this might feel good enough, some of you might have a happy baby in your future catching a hold of the outside of the the feet and I like to again, I like to go side to side, let one knee drop and let the other knee drop, just feels better, yeah, I have yet to see a baby who draws her knees down, reaches her sit bones forward and forces the situation, it's like it's fun, okay hug the knees back in wobble, let the feet come back down to your mat, pause, be delivered inhale, exhale, let it happen and here on your way towards drawing your legs straight, can you remember to as you exhale, can you remember to let yourself know that your body knows how to lie down, trust that the ground has you as you extend one leg and extend the other, shoulders roll back and down palms up, wobble your head a little bit from side to side, big delivered inhale, exhale everything, yeah, let your eyes soften or close, slacken your jaw and just again, just gently like be aware of your left hand, be aware of the receptivity of your left hand, be aware of the back of your heart, let the back of your heart notice that there's a ground beneath her, sorry that there's ground beneath them, notice your right hand, let her feel more sensitive to what holds her, holds them, sometimes it helps to be more aware of the space in between the fingers, yeah and then be aware of what knuckle is touching, like what is the knuckle that's touching on the right hand, this is something Richard Rosen taught me, like be aware of what knuckles on the right hand, like what knuckle is kind of on the earth, and then as you're aware of what knuckles on the earth on the right hand, like can you let the left knuckle match it, so that you are symmetrical, if you can hear that lawn mechanical from my neighbor next door and it's bugging you, just turn off the sound, all we're gonna do is be here in Shavasana and then eventually end together, so a beautiful way to get more silence, do that, yeah, yeah, notice where you can allow the earth to have a little bit more of you, like notice where you might not need so much effort and tension, yeah, yeah, just a handful more moments here, as you become aware that this sweetness is about to end, let it envelop you a little bit more, and then as you feel ready you might start to kind of circle the ankles, wiggling the fingers and the toes, might feel good to let your legs come a little closer together and stretch your arms over the top of your head, bending the knees as you eventually roll to a side, pause, and then when you're ready you'll eventually press yourself back up, um, gather yourself a little bit and big deliberate inhale and exhale, let all happen and again remembering like you know how to sit, the earth is supporting you, your heart is generous because she is receptive, she receives the blood that she then offers, she receives that blood and offers, and with that let your hands find each other at your heart, thank you so much my dear friends and my amazing team for being here this morning, thank you, me you for joining us and have a sweet kind beautiful rest of the day, love.


Jenny S
2 people like this.
TRIPLE loved this! Meeyou was the “purr-fect” costar 😍 My heart is’s to more animal companion cameos!
Kira Sloane
Jenny! Isn't he great!? Hahah! My best yoga practice buddy. Happy to see you here. xok
Michelle F
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Aw bless- this was just the juuju I needed today  from the shout out to the Schiff Man, the  jiggle which was indeed juicy, the pussypresence perfection, the whole do less and feel it more vibe, well it has left me soothed  refreshed and with a little more trust . Thank you Kira
May your weekend be marvellous!
loveandpeacex xxx 
Kira Sloane
Michelle LOVE! YES! xoK
Fabian H
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thank you for such a sweet practice.  now for a beautiful,kind rest of the day.
Kira Sloane
Fabian, thank you for being here! xok
Susan R
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Loved feeling the prana ...and the furry friend :)
Kira Sloane
Susan LOVE! It's always a good time when the cat drops by. xok

Rachel S
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Oh my goodness, that was MAGICAL. Thank you. I am SO happy to be taking your classes. Deep gratitude!
Kira Sloane
Rachel, so happy to hear! LOVE LOVE! xok
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