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Season 2 - Episode 9

Feel and Share the Support

60 min - Practice


Receptivity is the key to generosity. Find space and freedom in the body in standing stretches and shakes, fluff the prana in Palm Prana Press, feel into holds in standing postures to open up the trust of the legs, sprinkling mudras throughout, before making our way to the floor for seated meditation. You will feel supple and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat


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TRIPLE loved this! Meeyou was the “purr-fect” costar 😍 My heart is’s to more animal companion cameos!
Jenny! Isn't he great!? Hahah! My best yoga practice buddy. Happy to see you here. xok
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Aw bless- this was just the juuju I needed today  from the shout out to the Schiff Man, the  jiggle which was indeed juicy, the pussypresence perfection, the whole do less and feel it more vibe, well it has left me soothed  refreshed and with a little more trust . Thank you Kira
May your weekend be marvellous!
loveandpeacex xxx 
Michelle LOVE! YES! xoK
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thank you for such a sweet practice.  now for a beautiful,kind rest of the day.
Fabian, thank you for being here! xok
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Loved feeling the prana ...and the furry friend :)
Susan LOVE! It's always a good time when the cat drops by. xok

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Oh my goodness, that was MAGICAL. Thank you. I am SO happy to be taking your classes. Deep gratitude!
Rachel, so happy to hear! LOVE LOVE! xok
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