Soothing the Nervous System Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Moon Nectar

60 min - Practice


We begin seated rooting into the ground as Kristin leads us in Chandra Bhedana breathing, bringing about a more calm, meditative state. After a brief talk about the effect of the breath on Parasympathetic Nervous System activation, Kristin guides us in a Moon Nectar Yoga Nidra practice where we are invited to sense the nurturing quality of moonlight while internally repeating the mantra “Soma”. You will feel nourished and restful.

You can follow along with the Grounding Mantras at the end of each class by accessing the PDF attached below.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Oct 08, 2020
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Thank you christin. It was a very soothing yoga nidra I have attended. I enjoyed  and wished I could know yogaanytime earlier. Also I wonder if you could provide the mantra in Sanskrit you chanted in the end of the session, ex. attach a pdf file. Namaste🙏
I'm so happy you found us here Julie ! Thanks for practicing with me! Thats such a good idea to attach the mantras here- I will send them over to the crew and we will work to get that up for you. In the meantime the very last phrase is Om Bolo Shri Sat Guru Bhagavan Ki - JAI! (meaning) I bow down to my inner teacher -my true teacher :)
Kristin Leal thank you so much🙏
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Thank you for this peaceful voyage into the parasympathetic realm...the added sensing of the moonlight touching the body was beautiful...🌕✨✨✨
Thanks Jenny S ! Happy to hear it!

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