Soothing the Nervous System Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Abiding in Gratitude

60 min - Practice


Neurons that fire together wire together. We begin in a seated experience of the breath before Kristin leads us to a better understanding of the brain and how we form patterns of thinking and behavior. Kristen then guides us in a Yoga Nidra practice to focus on Gratitude as a way to create new pathways of behavior in the brain. You will feel centered and illuminated.

You can follow along with the Grounding Mantras at the end of each class by accessing the PDF attached below.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Thank you so much! Today I ”will love for no reason at all”🙏
ahhh beautiful Petra L ! Thanks for being here:)
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This is a really wonderful series of yoga nidras, Kristin. I am grateful today for you 🙌 in general and for your soft voice which goes easy on my nervous system. Thank you 🙏
Oh goodness that is the sweetest Debra D I'm so grateful for you!
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Your classes are so informative.. thank you
Thanks for your kind words Marlene K and for being here!

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