Welcome to Your Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Touching Your Breath

10 min - Practice


Kira helps us detect our breath by physically touching areas of the body that move when we breathe. We begin by bringing our attention to how the belly moves under our hands and arms on the inhale and exhale, then explore this movement in the diaphragm, the ribs, and the upper chest. We also sense the breath exhaling out of the mouth and nostrils.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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SO happy to see you again Kira! This show is brilliant - I love breathwork and I’m a big fan of breathing in general LOL. How nice to take a few minutes out of a busy day to just lie down and focus on the breath...
Jenny S, happy to see YOU again! xok
Beautiful practice! Thanks, Kira!
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Practicing with you always feels like a warm hug. So lovely. Thank you! 🥰
Sandra Židan, hello there! LOVE! xok
Oh, Summer, so kind of you. Thank you for being here. xok
So happy to hear your voice, Kira Sloane , gently guiding us in this exploration... it's just so lovely.
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Kate M, always sweet to hear from you. I hope summer is starting to happen up where you are! xok
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Lovely, as always
Louise D, LOVE!

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