Welcome to Your Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Lengthening Technique 2

10 min - Practice


In this class, Kira leads a practice of sama vrtti, or “same movement”. First, we explore this concept by stepping onto a block, before attempting to sense this balanced feeling between the inhales and the exhales.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Great, Kira! I loved this practice! Kind regards!
Sandra Židan, xoxok
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Love the simplicity and call to deep focus in this guided exercise. And at the end I looked at the visual and saw sunbeams sliding down to earth... thank you for passing on the radiance! xo k8
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Kate M, YOU! LOVE!
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Thankyou, energy really flowed downward and away from upper levels. Love 
I had an epiphany with this practice.  My energy does get stuck in the heart area for a myriad of reasons. My lessons this week seem centered around the heart center blooming and expanding, but also gaining so much more awareness of my hip joint, shoulder blades, and the movement of energy (add an acupuncture visit). Thank you for the homework as well. Tonight's homemade pizza night, so lots of standing in the kitchen and a larger mat to play.  Have a wonderful day whenever you read this. :) 

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