Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Day 4: Chair Yin Yoga

60 min - Practice


Relax into the deeper, hidden regions of the body. In Day 4, Melina leads a Yin chair practice to touch into the more meditative aspects of yoga, and deepen the mind-body connection. Enjoy 4-5 minute holds in gentle restorative backbends, forward bends, and twists, helping us release tension, enliven the meridian lines of the bladder and the kidney, and drop into the present moment. You will feel quiet and luminous.

Your Self Care Homework Challenge for Day 4:

Melina offers a few tips to encourage balance throughout the afternoon:

  • Herbal Tea: Take a 5-10 minute break to enjoy a warm cup of tea, resting your eyes on nature.
  • Movement Break: After your tea, take a few minute to roll out your joints to improve circulation.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Blanket (2)


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This was an interesting practice for a Christmas I expected it would, my monkey mind was jumping all over my to-do lists! Then, gradually the Yin worked its magic and my thoughts began to slow down. The counting really helped. The real test will be to see if I can carry this calmness throughout the rest of the day 😉
I loved this unique chair yin class. It was just what I needed after Christmas winding down . Thanks
Lorraine, Winnipeg, canada
Congratulations for getting this far into the challenge! As important as movement and exercise is this time of year....slowing down and resting is also necessary. Thanks for taking the time to slow down and be with yourself this holiday season.
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Thank you. Saved this for a first day of my my moon time and it really helped move stagnant energy. I practiced with a hot water bottle on my low belly and that first pose was quite dreamy. 
Wonderful yin practice! Thanks, Melina!
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Thank you Melina! I loved using the chair for support in the poses. Peace till next time!  Tracy Strickland
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This is day 4 for me... I had never done anything like this, and although I had a hard time slowing down initially, this turned out delicious and healing. Loved all of it! I'll be coming back this one, and this challenge. Thanks Melina!
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Day 4....Thanks for staying in the challenge everyone. I'm finding more and more appreciation for chairs in Yin Yoga and am delighted to hear you're enjoying the support as well. One more day to go!!!
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Did I ever need this. I just kind of started to melt. Emotions surfaced so that I could see them. And dissipated... Thank you, Melina Meza : )
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Melina, even though I've taken many Yin classes with you, I am so impressed with how creative you are with new ways to do  Yin poses and to integrate them with the Winter Ayurveda practices.  Thanks for a wonderful class (again)!
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