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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 12

Day 11: Celebrate Joy

60 min - Practice


Practice joy, lightness, levity. In Day 11, Wade leads a playful practice celebrating the movements of the body as we explore its range of motion in space. Give yourself permission to color outside the lines as we work into hamstring lunges, twisting postures, and uplifting backbends, before we play in Dancing Shiva. You will feel joyful and inspired.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Wonderful session; enjoyed Shiva dancing and joyous celebrating of being.
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Hi Christel B oh I'm so glad you had fun with the Shiva dance party - I think a little silliness goes a long way in our structured world...keep celebrating!
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Hi Wade, despite some weird hick ups when replaying your class (and some explanation missed out on) I was able to follow. I really like your style; it’s fun, always something new, besides that you feel authentic and your classes joyful. Thanks a lot
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Hi Angelique S so great to hear from you! Yes this recording was a little 'wonky' from some tech glitches on my end so a new version that's re-recorded will be up soon! Hopefully easy to follow and just as fun!!
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Sus clases son muy divertidas y cargadas de mucha energia, muchas gracias.
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Carmen S. gracias a ti! Que bueno que puedes sentir la energía in Ingles también!!
I think my cat got the namaste I sent out! :) You were in a happy, jolly mood today and boy did that spread to all of us!!
HAHAHA- I love this Zeynep Ozenay I'm imagining your cat all blessed out from your good energy! Great to hear from you and so glad you joined this practice!

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