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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 14

Day 13: Playing with Wonder

60 min - Practice


Wonder and anxiety cannot co-exist. In Day 13, Alana leads a playful class inspiring us to embrace a sense of wonder, delight, and joy in our daily lives. We begin seated, finding space in the spine, shoulders, legs, and hips. We then move into warming Sun Salutes and explore standing balancing shapes, before moving to the floor to ground our energy, with the option to play into Wheel pose. You will feel soft and relaxed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap

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Love this practice Alana! So fluid and rejuvenating. My whole body is vibrating with joy. Thank you. 
Hi Hope H! So happy to hear this. I felt the same way during the practice! Grateful to be in Yoga together. Thank you for being here, Hope! Love, Alana 
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This was beautiful, as ever, Alana. I love that you allow for fluidity and movement, and also stillness and inner exploration. A perfect balance.
Thank you for your beautiful words and presence, Ali. So delighted that you enjoyed the movement, stillness, and exploration. Love and namaste, Alana 
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What an amazing practice after another difficult week. I loved the cobra variation. There was a gentleness and strength that really translated through the rest of the class. I feel so much more tension-free, and this was a great complement to Arturo's class yesterday. Thank you!
Hi Rosanna S! So delighted to hear from you! What a wonderful observation... gentleness and strength. I am so happy that you enjoyed this practice and found some relief and ease. Thank you for being here with Wade, Arturo, Suniti, Miles, and myself. Enjoy your Retreat! Love, Alana 
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Hi Alana!
What a lovely practice, both grounding and energizing! I really appreciate this energizing balance! Namaste
Hi Lise G! So glad you enjoyed Day 13 of our Retreat! I remember feeling both grounded and energized after this teaching this practice. Thank you for being here and joining us in Yoga! Namaste and Love, Alana 
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This practice was so energizing and engaging, yet calming.  I could not think of a better way to start my day.  Thank you Alana!
Wonderful, Louisa R! May this calm energy support you throughout your day.   So delighted to be practicing together! Love, Alana 
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