Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Celebrate Spaciousness

60 min - Practice


Celebrate the feeling of space and expansion. Wade leads a spicy practice working on the long side of the mat to find freedom and openness in the body. We move dynamically in Boat pose to engage the core, flow through standing sequences pausing to explore space in the hips, legs, shoulders, and side body, and play into an optional arm balance before cooling down with Bridge, soft twists, and a releasing Savasana. You will feel energized and refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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You had me smiling and laughing and I’m feeling pretty great right now 👍 reminiscing brought up some smiles as well. This is a much-needed practice 😃
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Jenny S !! Isn't it fun to bring laughter into the practice, so glad you joined the reminiscing journey!!
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Truly joyful flow. I had my own personal gig yesterday, dancing to a new live album from my favourite band, James. As joyful as the real live concerts. That’s what my arms were waving to today. Thanks Wade!
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Really sweet sequencing, Wade! I love your light-heartedly encouraging guidance. Love that laugh! k8 : )
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Such joy practicing your spacious flow! I appreciate how you offer options for poses so we can stretch ourselves if the timing is right for our body or not if it’s not appropriate for our body’s condition. All’s well.
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Thank you Kate M so glad you were feeling it and hope you were laughing along with me!!
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Great to hear from you Christel B - Im so happy you are feeling the opportunity to practice however your body is asking you to show up to the mat- thanks for joining Season 2!!
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Hi Wade! This was my first class with you and I really enjoyed it and the practice of reminiscing! I also went to see UB40! It was at Red Rocks, Colorado. In fact, this morning I was writing down all the concerts I have been to, which is a total of 104! Wow right!? Thank you for teaching yoga. Namaste! Anda
Hi Anda S that is amazing! I have always wanted to go the Red Rocks for a concert- definitely on my list and doesn't music and community bring a sense of JOY! thanks for sharing and also joining the FLOW!
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Tus clases son una danza; una sutil conección entre un movimiento y otro. Muchas gracias. Un gran disfrute🙏
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