Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Vital Energy Flow

60 min - Practice


Experience the beautiful qualities of the energetic body.  Wade leads a playful class to help us balance the chakras and replenish our energy. We begin by dialing in the energy with spinal circles, breath work, and a mudra interspersed into familiar stretching, warming, and core engaging shapes. We move through dynamic Sun Salutes, continuing working with the pranayama and mudra, and use a strap to help us into a challenging balance and quad opening sequence, before playing into Danurasana and cooling floor stretches. You will feel centered and vibrant.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)

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Halfway through this practice I remembered that you are based in Chicago. I’m currently spending a few weeks here, residing high up in a building on Lakeshore Drive. It was comforting to know you are “out there” somewhere in the city guiding me! Are you teaching any in-person classes?
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Great practice! Feeling open and expansive and sweaty (always a good thing!) 💥
Hi Neighbor Catherine R great to hear from you! Yes I am teaching in person Tuesday and Thursday ( would be great to connect- Enjoy the snow!
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Great to hear from you Jenny S and thanks for flowing w/ me and always sharing your good energy w/ me and the forum!! Sending your a virtual gold star!!
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I was feeling low energy this morning, but managed to get on my mat, and really appreciated this practice! Thank you, Wade!
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Hi Kate M so glad you got a good recharge of energy and resonated with the practice! Always great to hear from you :)
What a fun class! I've enjoyed the use of the strap. Dancer pose is way easier. Thank you for your creativity!
Hi Lina S thanks for doing Dancer with me! Always cool to approach the poses  differently and see  how the body responds! 
Thanks, Wade! This was great for stretching my injured hamstring and surrounding muscles... with a chest opener bonus. 

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