Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 5

Self-Care Flow

60 min - Practice


We practice loving kindness towards the self so that we can direct it out to the rest of the world. Slow down and bliss out with this self-care practice finding space and release in the whole body. We work into the hard working glutes, hips, and feet, gently massage the face, use props to help find space in the shoulders and legs, and lengthen and twist the spine, before Wade guides us through the Metta meditation in Savasana. You will feel stable, open, and a sweet tenderness towards Self and others.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)


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LOVED this practice. I loved the theme of appreciation for our bodies and what they do for us every day. Especially loved the meta meditation at the end. Thank you Wade.
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Hi Ali oh it's so great to hear from you and glad you liked this slower pace w/ the body appreciation meditation. Feels good to have some down time in the yoga practice, doesn't it?!
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Oh Wade! I agree with everything Ali said ❤️...I would love a whole season of these 🙏🏻...I’m sending YOU a shiny gold star 🌟😉
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Thanks Jenny S this feedback is so helpful especially when thinking about new content! I'll definitely share w/ the Yoga Anytime crew- big hug coming your way
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Wonderful practice Wade! Great openers for both the hips and shoulders- two tight areas that are normally areas  of frustration. Many thanks for introducing self patience and kindness ! I really appreciate your teachings🙏🏻
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Great to hear from you Sue M and so glad you were feeling the rocking and massage self care, I must admit I was so happy guiding that session as I needed some TLC too, so its a win-win for both of us!
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This was   P E R F E C T  this morning. Thank you, Wade !!
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What a regenerating practice, physically and mentally. It feels so liberating to give ourselves permission to slow down. I've missed one thing, what is TLC? Thank you for your cues and your guidance.
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Kate M YES to perfect timing! So glad you were feeling it, my body was grateful for the massage day too!!!
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Hi Lina S I'm so glad you were in the mood to slow down too! TLC is a common abbreviated American saying for 'Tender, Love & Care' !!
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